Police Beat

May 11


(2010-220524) 7:40 a.m.: A man was arrested at Bella Casa Apartments on Conroy Road for whacking a woman with a hammer.


May 12


(2010-222468) 7 a.m.: Thieves' efforts to get onto the rooftop parking lot at Ferguson Enterprises on Alden Road were rewarded with the copper out of six air conditioners.


May 13


(Brevard Co. SO): Deputies are looking for a low-rent Unabomber, a homeless guy who's called in false bomb threats to at least a dozen businesses.

(2010-224947) 5 a.m.: Three vehicles in the 600 block of Tam O'Shanter Drive bear new dents from being pelted with golf balls. That's three, not fore.

(2010-225102) 2:30 p.m.: Kids, persistence pays: It took several tries to get into an apartment at Regency Gardens on Perkinshire Lane, but that one success garnered a "high dollar amount" of electronics.


May 14


(2010-226134) 2 a.m.: A woman told cops that a grubby, bearded man molested her on the grass near Lake Eola on East Central Boulevard, but five days later she admitted that she made it up, accusing a passer-by who'd just said she looked nice.

(2010-225991) 3 a.m.: Pit bull puppies aren't yet effective guard dogs. At Wal-Mart on South Semoran Boulevard, one
;was the loot.

(2010-226665) 1:55 p.m.: You know you've hit rock bottom when you're robbing thrift stores. Two guys sank that low at the Salvation Army on South Semoran Boulevard.

(2010-227309) 9:38 p.m.: Five muggers threw an old man off his bike in the 2000 block of Willie Mays Parkway and took his money and blue 15-speed Huffy. 

(2010-227369) 10:15 p.m.: Two black-masked men got a cash takeout from China Wok on South John Young Parkway and delivered to themselves on bicycles.


May 15


(2010-227676) 1:13 a.m.: Turnabout is foul play at the corner of Bruton Boulevard and Covington Street. A pedestrian gunman held up a couple, and they took a walk while he drove off in their red 2008 Suzuki.

(2010-228541) 1:30 a.m.: While one man was away at McDonald's, three guys in ski masks burst into his place at Avalon Apartments on South Semoran Boulevard and held his brother and roommate at gunpoint. The Hamburglar is very protective of his turf.

(2010-227778) 2:48 a.m.: Hey, genius: If you're going to carry a stolen handgun, try not to randomly fire it into the air – say, around North Orange Avenue and West Robinson Street – just as the cops are going by. It piques their curiosity.

(2010-227826) 3:40 a.m.: The muggers on the 3500 block of Eccleston Street are a tough bunch to please. Unless you carry more than $75 cash, they'll shoot at you.
;Just because.

(2010-228633) 2:20 p.m.: Honey, I had the funniest dream – while I was asleep here in the 6100 block of Sandcrest Circle, it was almost as though someone walked in and stole our four laptop computers … aw, crap.

(2010-229034) 11:44 p.m.: When cops answered a burglar alarm in the 1600 block of Lorena Lane, a guy dashed right out the door into their arms. He's suspected of similar eagerness in other burglaries nearby.


May 16


(2010-229342) 3 a.m.: Two men tried to carjack a Toyota Land Cruiser at the stoplight on South Orange Avenue and Grant Street, but the driver hit the gas. The ‘jackers fired about 10 shots, but even three hits didn't slow him down.

(2010-230180) 8 p.m.: A driver in the 4300 block of Cassius Street wasn't so intrepid. Three men got away with his 1998 Range Rover and its vanity plate. 

(2010-230297) 10:10 p.m.: A man reached out from the bushes to grab a woman on a walking trail near Nova Southeastern University on Millenia Boulevard, but she made it away with a few scratches.


May 17


(2010-231309) 12:45 p.m.: For the fourth time in two weeks someone kicked in a door at Village Park Apartments on Lake Martin Drive and used the place as a
;"party facility."


May 18


(2010-232038) 12:10 a.m.: A man said he was robbed of $150 at gunpoint and kicked repeatedly in the ribs by two others near West Church Street and South Tampa Avenue, but he didn't want to press charges. Uh, "kill them with kindness" is just an expression, dude – it doesn't really work.

(2010-232763) 7 a.m.: Someone got onto a walled patio at Nelson Securities on Delaney Avenue and filled his portfolio with copper from the two air conditioners.

(2010-233801) 11:46 p.m.: A man walking home on East Washington Street was thrown down and robbed by two men toting a handgun. Dogs tracked the muggers to Reeves Terrace Apartments on Reeves Court. Arrests? K-nein.

(2010-233754) 11:58 p.m.: Behind one thin back door in the 600 block of Terrace Boulevard lay $9,298 in valuable stuff. Who knew? One too many, obviously.

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