Orlando Weekly readers think Gov. DeSantis should stop ‘acting like he is an infectious disease expert’

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Orlando Weekly readers think Gov. DeSantis should stop ‘acting like he is an infectious disease expert’

¶ The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week updated their guidance on the Delta variant of the novel coronavirus, calling it a "variant of concern," meaning scientists believe there is evidence of increased transmissibility and increased disease severity. Previously they had labeled Delta a "variant of interest." Gov. Ron DeSantis downplayed the potential impact it could have on the state, saying of the CDC guidance, "I think it gets put out there in ways designed to frighten people."

The Delta variant was first identified in India and was designated as a "variant of concern" by the World Health Organization on May 10. It now accounts for the majority of the coronavirus cases in the U.K., leading Prime Minister Boris Johnson to delay by four weeks the lifting of England's lockdown restrictions. The variant is primarily spread through adolescents and children, which contradicts DeSantis' repeated statements during the pandemic that children are not "vectors" or responsible for the spread of the virus.

@Hillary Fenner DeSantis needs to stop acting like he is an infectious disease expert.

@Minna Alstein I have no confidence in him as a leader. He takes way too many chances with Floridians. He wants cruise ships entering our ports not requiring vaccinations. Now he isn't concerned with the variants. He does not deserve our trust.

@Tracy Carpenter "Some of you may die ... but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make."

@Jason Darrough The messaging from the CDC is that there is risk that this Delta variant becomes the dominant strain in the US. The ask is that people continue in vaccination so we mitigate that risk. No need to be dismissive or defiant. A normal governor would stay in their lane and support that messaging as it is a reasonable request. ... It's time to stop politicizing this virus.

@Dan Kaye He didn't care about the virus in any capacity as long as he's personally protected.

@Mindy Hunter Well the good news, if there is any, of this POS being our governor is that we now know who all the stupid are as they are loud and proud.

@Ron Howland I wonder why it's so hard to find anyone who's got sick or died? I know a couple people who said the doctor said they had it, but all they really had was the flu and they got over it in about a week or two, and some of these people are the old "ready to die anyway" type, and I ask a lot of people.

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