Orlando schools situation is not black and white; praise for a food review

Letters to the editor

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A review of our work

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for reviewing Olea Mezze Grill (“Putting it all on the line,” June 11).  My business partner, Ryan, and I founded Olea six months ago (with no prior restaurant experience) as an independent start-up and have relied largely on word-of-mouth to spread awareness of our concept around Central Florida ... and your insightful review in a well-known forum such as Orlando Weekly will go a long way toward helping us reach an even wider audience.  We truly appreciate you taking the time to visit our restaurant and are very happy to hear that you enjoyed it.  The reference to our caring employees means a lot to us, as we have tried very hard to establish an employee-centric culture that naturally breeds positive customer experiences.
Louie Kalonaros and Ryan Hayden,co-founders of Olea Mezze Grill

Not black and white

The mission of Orange County Public Schools is “To lead our students to success with the support and involvement of families and the community.” The school board obviously is not upholding this mission as they make decisions using out of touch research and out-of-date thinking (“Black or white?” June 11). NONE of the communities were involved in these “discussions” which led to their decision to close Fern Creek Elementary School.
What is even crazier are the numbers.Fern Creek has a capacity of 504 students, with 369 registered. They lose 137 when Parramore opens. That leaves 302 seats in a small, successful school available to the surrounding schools, which are currently 222 students overpopulated!
Alisha Kearns, via orlandoweekly.com

Editor’s note: Due to some confusion about the naming and locations of the Audubon Park and Baldwin Park schools, we incorrectly reported the location of the proposed new K-8 school. It is, indeed, going to be located in Audubon Park.

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