Orlando is thicc, says new study

A new study found that Orlando residents have been getting extra thicc lately, and not eating enough greens.

Orlando placed 38th overall out of the 100 most populated cities in the nation in the American Fitness Index rankings by the American College of Sports Medicine. The study also found that Orlando ranks 42nd for personal health and 34th for community health.

Those who came out on top in the rankings include Arlington, Virginia, for best overall health; San Jose, California, for best personal health; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for best community/environmental health.

The data is compiled using a formula that factors in behaviors such as the percentage of people exercising, how long people are sleeping, and the percentage of people eating fruits and vegetables every day.

Although the data shows that 73.3 percent of Orlando residents exercised in the last 30 days, only 28.5 percent eat two or more fruits a day, and only 19.5 precent eat three or more vegetables a day.

In addition, only 62.5 percent of residents get seven or more hours of sleep per night and 33.7 percent have reported bad mental health in the past 30 days.

This may come as a surprise, considering Orlando has pretty decent weather year-round, but remember that Orlando also has some of the world's worst traffic, which can very easily lead to stress and a lot of sitting in your car.

And for a city with over a dozen theme parks, Orlando's walk score was only 41.2, below the national average, and 26.5 percent of residents are obese. I guess walking around Epcot isn't really exercise when 2,000 calories worth of alcohol and snacks are consumed.

Other Florida cities aren't exactly at that summer bod status, either. Tampa placed 37th in the rankings and Hialeah placed 53rd. Florida was also ranked 4th in the nation for childhood obesity in 2017. 
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