A man successfully swam all the way to the Lake Eola fountain but was forced out by authorities

click to enlarge A man successfully swam all the way to the Lake Eola fountain but was forced out by authorities
Photo by Rob Bartlett
A man who apparently had his mind set on going for a refreshing swim in Lake Eola on Sunday was pulled from the body of water by the Orlando Fire Department diver team, a spokesperson for the department confirmed.

The swimming man was first reported around 1 p.m. Sunday. Downtown Community Paper Orlando captured the event live in a video later published on the publication's Facebook page. This isn't the first time in recent history that someone has made it the fountain. In 2017, a man who stole a swan boat and marooned himself on the fountain told police he ingested a large quantity of molly and wanted to be with the swans.

A member of OFD's Dive Team was deployed to help the man last weekend, who was reported not injured following the incident.

Due to the potential risks of exposure to contaminated waters, if a diver comes into contact with the water during a rescue mission, a mandatory water quality test is produced to determine if there are elevated levels of contamination from bacteria and other hazardous materials that might otherwise harm an OFD team member.

"We extract a sample anytime one of our members is exposed to untreated water," says Ashley Papagni, an OFD spokesperson. "Our Dive Team operates in a dry-suit, complete with a full face piece and hood to reduce the potential of exposure to contaminated water. A water sample and exposure report are completed if there is a breach in the protective ensemble or a surface water rescuer made entry."

Papagni continues: "It is my understanding that one of the divers was deployed as a surface water rescuer and his face piece was dislodged by the patient."

Orlando Weekly has followed up for further clarification on the results of the water sample and exposure report.

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