NSX shaken, not stirred

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Almost halfway through an on-air listening of Snoop Dogg's new porn movie, "Doggystyle" last Friday, a group of angry young men stormed into the DJ booth of pirate radio talk show host NSX (better known as Rayon "Junior" Payne, the closest thing Orlando has to Howard Stern).

The group was led by DJ Nasty, whom NSX has recently added to his list of people he showers with on-air barbs.

Only Nasty wasn't taking any of it. After one of Nasty's posse members announced they were taking over the station, Nasty began cursing Payne, pushing him and throwing a tantrum in the DJ booth.

After several minutes, it appeared order would be restored. But then Nasty grabbed the mike, Payne grabbed Nasty, and Nasty smacked Payne's cell phone out of his hand.

That sent NSX storming out of the room -- over his desk, no less -- and out into the parking lot.

The two tussled for several minutes, then an older woman called police.

Several minutes later, two police cruisers pulled up and the cops corralled the group. Eventually, everyone was let go with no arrests made.

Back on the air, Payne downplayed the incident even as callers said they would retaliate on NSX's behalf.

"Now we know how niggas feel," NSX said.

As callers persisted with questions, he said, "It was nothin'. It was nothin'."

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