Morning Roundup

I'm a couple days behind the bell curve on this one. But, did you see the piece the Sentinel ran last week on time-share gazillionaire David Siegel's wife, and her private jet-and-caviar-and babymaking lifestyle? (Especially, check out the part where David, modern man that he is, says he admires her for "popping out babies" and, according to OS, 'The day before her fifth baby was born, she was riding a Jet Ski, he says, and a week later was wearing a bikini. 'She's the poster child for maternity.') Ain't that sweet? Yeah, the whole excercise is a bit over the top, I know. But they're rich, very much. Ever wonder how David made so much money? We did. Check out this profile we did on him almost seven years ago now. If you want real insight into who he is, be sure to read the sidebars.

Anyone see Crist vs. Gallagher last night? I didn't. But Scott Maxwell seems to think Crist won by default - I like the part where Crist says he supports "traditional families" while Gallagher says he likes "normal ones" because the gays clearly ain't normal - and the daily's story suggests basically the same. Personally, I found the St. Pete Times version a bit more satisfying.

The OPAC folks made their pitch to the county yesterday. Here's the Sentinel's story. We plan on having something in the paper next week, so I'm going to shut up about it until then.

Meanwhile, Iran gives the UN the finger. This piece, by Josh Marshall, has a pretty good analysis, IMHO.

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