More thoughts on Election 2014 and Rethink College Park

Letters to the editor

Suffrage suffering

We tried every trick in the book and failed (“Making peace with 2014’s election results,” Nov. 12). We ran a very recognizable former Republican. How many senior citizens voted for Crist, thinking he was still a Republican? We got pot on the ballot to mobilize certain demographics to vote for Crist (didn’t work; his metrosexual smarminess didn’t appeal to them at all). And we hyped a third-party Libertarian to siphon off conservative voters (didn’t work). If we didn’t do the above, the defeat would have been much greater. We need to regroup for 2016 and refocus. Biden 2016. The lovable, charismatic VP is the man to bring us back and appeal to middle-class voters and American working families. Biden 2016 will be the theme for all Americans to rally around.
Alafaya via

It’s one thing for the tide of partisan politics to change direction. Such is the case, sometimes, especially when people are unhappy with a president or the current direction (in this case the speed of recovery). However, when people elect a character who was leader of a company that set a record for fraud, and who escaped criminal prosecution only through cleverly maintaining deniability and using the Fifth Amendment a laughable number of times, it’s a downright tragic day when such an election result occurs. Democrats, Republicans, whatever. But when you elect corporate criminals, it’s a dark day.
Lives in a Criminal-Run State via

Building a mystery

I certainly hope that the Rethink group gets behind a strong candidate to oust Commissioner Robert Stuart (“Princeton development in College Park gets green light from city,” Nov. 12). Rather than represent his constituents, Mr. Stuart obviously decided to serve the interests of the Atlanta-based developer. Shame on him.
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