Mickey house cleaning

The first couple of folks to move out of Disney's ballyhooed development of Celebration less than threee months after the town's November Founder's Day apparently were asked to sign a gag order forbidding them from criticizing the magic development in Osceola Cuonty. Neither signed and, as the Sentinel drolly noted in breaking the story, they "were allowed to leave anyway." The two families said they were unhappy with Celebrations's showpiece school system, which is currently operating out ot makeshift quarters. Guess there's no pleasing some people. Disney's restrictive covenants were the subject of much speculation last year before the development opened for business. The company told prospective buyers that the rules were being "fine-tuned." The covenants govern everything from fence heights and political speech to, in this case, the destinatin of any profits from a home's resale within the first nine months of a purchase. It's supposed to discourage speculators in a way that, say, charging twice the local rate does not.
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