Medical marijuana proponents bite back after a week of public criticism

John Morgan's drunken video leak leads to personal attacks on Drug Free Florida

A couple of weeks ago, television’s favorite attorney-with-dogs John Morgan caused a bit of a ruckus when a phone video of him entertaining an audience of young people with weed jokes leaked. “You lazy pieces of … you know what … if you motherfuckers don’t get out and vote … fuck it all … we can’t win, I’m telling you that,” he slurred, scotch in hand. All of which is fine, because basically there is no better voting motivation for the younger demographic than being fucked up and rich, and Morgan has spent the whole year (and then some) pressing to get medical marijuana passed as an amendment on the November ballot under the name of Amendment 2.

Republicans and those who hate drugs (sometimes the same people) naturally seized on the presumed gaffe, buying billboards and launching ad campaigns on the back of Morgan’s public awesomeness.

No on 2 spokeswoman Sarah Bascom told the Broward-Palm Beach New Times that the video revealed “John Morgan’s real reasons behind his campaign to legalize marijuana. Their campaign has tried to be the moral authority on compassion, but clearly, their chairman fell off the wagon.”

Not sure when the last time somebody saw Morgan on a wagon was, but we’re pretty certain he’s been walking barefoot in the same inebriation parade we have for a number of years. That, however, is beside the point. Motivating voters is motivating voters, and if you’re playing to a crowd at Buckles in Lakeland, you’ve got to bring your A-game.

The sideshow distraction apparently gave the naysayers enough time to craft a new strategy of prudence; the Drug Free Florida Committee has signed on for a $1.6 million ad buy in the first week of October, just as recent polling shows that Amendment 2 is teetering on the edge with 61 percent approval (it will require 60 percent to pass). As a result, the Yes on 2 folks are firing back and taking names. In a statement released Sept. 12 in reaction to the ad buy, campaign manager Ben Pollara didn’t waste any time calling out the opposition.

“Drug Free Florida is led by tobacco lobbyists and a former drug czar fired for saying marijuana leads to homosexuality,” Pollara said in a statement. “It is primarily funded by a man whose rehabilitation centers were closed due to rampant physical and mental abuse and a billionaire looking to bring large-scale casino gambling to our state. When it comes to any messages from Drug Free Florida, it’s important to consider the source and follow the money.

Wait, weren’t Sheldon Adelson and John Morgan just becoming besties last week? At any rate, we’ll take a drunk bar tirade over a homophobic drug czar any day. Also, stop harshing our mellow.

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