McDonald's fried in England

In the longest trial in British history, McDonald's has exacted a quarter-pound of flesh from two unemployed environmentalists. The judge declared June 19 that Helen Steel and Dave Morris had partially libeled the $30-billion a year corporation by publishing and distributing a factsheet: "What's Wrong With McDonald's?: Everything They Don't Want You To Know." The judge awarded the company $96,000 in damages. However he found the McLibel 2 proved that McDonald's "exploits children" through advertising and promotions, that its claim that its food is nutritious is deceptive, that McDonald's is "culpably responsible" for cruelty to animals, and that it pays low wages to its UK employees and is anti-union. McDonald's spent $15 million on the trial. Yet amidst international publicity, more than 2 million of the pamphlets were distributed in England alone, compared to several thousand before the trial. And the website -- has had 12 million hits.
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