Market Conscious

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Market conscious

“It will be a community learning center, a food hub for the quality-conscious, and an event spot for gatherings and special occasions. It will transcend what we think of as a market” (“East side story,” Oct. 9).

It’s funny that in situations like the one in this story about East End Market, people use coded language to distinguish themselves from the toiling masses – quite obviously the poor minorities who rely on Walmart are not included in the fascist phrase “quality conscious,” although I’m quite sure the products Walmart has for sale go through rigorous quality-control inspections … in China. LOL! Eat up, you conceited freaks. America is gonna put a paddle to your ass soon enough.
bigmomma, via

My current fiscal state often has me walking the line of being “quality conscious,” so I do what I can when I can. But sowing the garden of discourse with cynical seeds will only yield rotten fruit and vegetables. I applaud their attempt and am optimistic that their overall message will spread like a weed. Our population is dying from our unhealthy and unsustainable food practices. The way I see it, if one is unable to participate or patronize any of East End’s vendors and events … start your own garden. I’m sure their egos will be intact.
John Nelson, via

Art beat

The Museum of Art has grown up, thanks to the brilliant leadership and connoisseur’s eye of its director for the last two years, George Bolge (“A glimpse into the Latin heart,” Oct. 9). What Mr. Bolge has accomplished for the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale and the Boca Raton Museum of Art executive directors during the last three decades transformed those small museums into world-class art institutions. DeLand is indeed fortunate to have him.
Wendy Blazier, via

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