Making a mountain out of no Hill

Rookie Town, this is how Anfernee Hardaway described The City Beautiful's reaction to the firing of Brian Hill. Accurate? No. Understandable? Yes. In fact, it is easy to understand the mixed feelings that Magic players have toward their fans. Go back to june 30, 1993. On that day, Magic fans packed the Arena to watch the live telecast of the NBA draft and were treated to two of the biggest announcements in the team's short history. The first was that much-loved coach Matt Goukas had been replaced by assistant Brian Hill as head coach. Of course, he had only been much-loved since the announcement of his departure. Until then, he had always been "that no-good, can't-get-us-in-the-playoffs-even-with-Shaq-Matty Goukas." A steady murmur filed the Arena. A lot of distrust was aimed at the unknown Hill. Later that night, the Magic used their top pick to select Chris Webber. The crowd cheered, but the levity was short lived. Moments later, it was announced that the Magic had traded the rights to Webber to the Golden State Warriors for the rights to Anfernee Hardaway. Like never before the crowd booed. Always fickle, the fans went on to select Hardaway as their favorite at the season's end. In fact, he has been much-loved until recently, when he received much of the blame for the firing of the much-beloved Hill. Who had only become much-loved upon the news of his immediate firing. Until then he had been "that no-good, always-gets-swept-out-of-the-playoffs-even-with-Shaq B. Hill." At the first post-Hill game, all of the players were booed with the exception of the much-loved Rony Seikaly. It is interesting to note that up until recently, he was the much-loathed Rony Seikaly of the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors. If all of this is too hard to follow, you need to know only this: Brian Hill deserved much better. Magic fans deserved exactly what they got.
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