;I went to watch the film [Wild Hogs] after reading several reviews, yours included. I have to say I found it bewildering that your review was so scathing [Film, March 1]. It was a very enjoyable experience for all of my family, none of whom I would describe as homophobic. Methinks the "heterophobia" that seems to have engulfed us today may be clouding your appraisal of this very funny film. I wonder what any of these actors could have done to deserve your obvious disdain?


;;Steve Porter, via the Internet

;;Hands off DeVos

;;We really get disgusted with your "journalists" constantly being critical of [Rich] DeVos and the arena. None of you ever state the whole plan, besides the initial millions he is putting in, then more millions per year and additional for cost overruns. Not to mention $10 million for the Performing Arts Center! And always mentioning taxpayers' money; it is not, it's hotel taxes! Then this is not just DeVos' arena; they use it about 25 percent of the time! Why don't you read your own paper of May 3-9. On page 47 there are six events advertised at the Amway Arena! Please give up on the criticism.

;;Connie Staudt, via the Internet

;;Nobody walks in Orlando

;I'm a writer and rider from Vancouver, Canada. I was in your city for a week-long business trip. I read the Weekly while I was in your neck of the woods and was very interested in your feature piece ["Take the keys," April 19].


;I stayed at a hotel in the vicinity of Colonial Boulevard and Magnolia Street and was able to walk to my contractor's location a block away. Being a transit user at home, I instantly noticed the number of buses and bus stops in that area and assumed there was a strong transit system. I walked to the transit center, bought a seven-day pass (for a bargain rate of $12) and received a free route map. It looked like the buses ran everywhere! The buses seemed clean and safe.


;When I didn't take the bus, I walked everywhere. I spent my tourist dollars in local businesses and areas: Little Vietnam, Thornton Park, College Park, Ivanhoe Row, all within walking distance. I strolled beautiful and historic neighborhoods, chatted with Orlando residents and drank in the temperate dusk air.


; I shared this experience with the people I worked with in Orlando and they were gob-stopped by my courage. Walking! Alone! I didn't see any danger; after all, the sidewalks were empty of pedestrians. In one neighborhood, I walked past a fitness gym where people were on walking machines. (I tell this story in Vancouver and they laugh.) I even hoofed it to Fashion Square Mall where I learned there was a bike trail called Cady Way. Inspired, I walked to College Park via tree-lined residential streets and visited two local bike shops where I rented a bicycle and chatted with locals.


;I missed the whole I-Drive scene and I could have gotten to my destinations faster, but instead of supporting corporate tourist attractions, I supported local businesses – mom-and-pop restaurants, shops and theaters – with the money I saved by not driving a car. I learned more about your city and really enjoyed it.


; I know you had a discouraging time on your one-week trial, but I appreciate that you brought the topic to air. I hope you'll look at walking, cycling and transit riding not as necessary evils, but as a different, more relaxed way to get around. Thanks for your perspectives and keep questioning the status quo!


;Ulrike Rodrigues, via the Internet


;Screwed by Lou

I just talked to a buddy of mine who is a recording engineer. The poor kid lost his job because he worked for TransCon Studios. The funny thing was he always knew Pearlman was a total crook, and really just used the job to make other contacts [Slug, "Told you so, part 2," Feb. 15]. Fortunately he got picked up by a better recording studio. Not sure if he got screwed out of his last paycheck.


;The thing I don't get is, even I knew this guy was a slug (Options Talent got booted out of Columbus back in '02) yet the entire city of Orlando was blind! Harder to believe that he wasn't gunned down by anyone who he owed/screwed them out of money.


;Jeff Stoughton, via the Internet

; [email protected]
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