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True haters

I'm just writing to express that whoever wrote the article on R. Kelly is a true hater `"Sane man," June 21`. Whether you like it or not, he's the king of R&B. Obviously whoever wrote this article is not an R&B fan.

For us true hip-hop and R&B fans, we all had things to say about his personal life, but he just kept making hit after hit after hit. So in Kelly's case it's business, not personal. We can't deny that his personal life has been screwed up, but he handles his business and R&B fans still respect his music.

So please, whoever wrote this article, stick to what you know 'cause R&B is not your forte!

Quentin Anthony, via the Internet

DeVos is no Pearlman

Please don't compare `Rich` DeVos with `Lou` Pearlman `"One of these things is not like the others," June 14`. Your paper never mentions that DeVos is also giving $10 million to the performing arts center.

Also the Orlando Predators use the arena. Check out your own paper of last week; out of six different entertainment acts coming up, note that five of them are at the Amway Arena!

And did you know that a lot of top performers don't come here because of the present facility? They go to the King Center in Melbourne! My husband and I, my son and his wife and many friends are so pleased that we have a major team here in Orlando!

Please don't be so negative toward this new arena!

C. Staudt, via the Internet

Goldenrod East

After what appears to be the inevitable four-lane construction destruction of downtown Oviedo `"Adios, Oviedo," June 14`, we should celebrate by changing Oviedo's name to reflect the new look. I propose East Goldenrod, or better yet, Goldenrod East.

Carl Knickerbocker, via the Internet

Dissenting opinion

I quite disagree with the review `of 1408, Opening, June 21`. I thought the movie was incredible.

Mike Enslin (John Cusack) is an original character and the sequence of events in the movie is unlike anything I've ever seen in a thriller. Cinematography could have been better, but the effects succeeded in their intent.

Enslin's descent into insanity, I thought, was very well-done; gradual and (an attempt at) logical. All in all, I thought it was an amazing movie and I wouldn't hesitate to give it five stars if I could. I highly suggest this movie to anyone remotely interested; even those who believe this movie to be a flop. I think the movie will speak for itself.

On a side note, I did read the short story before watching the movie. I find the movie to be, believe it or not, better than King's original work.

Kiyoka, via

Not funny, but sad

Billy `Manes`: I didn't laugh all that hard, but I thought this article was very well-written `Blister, June 21`. You did a great job writing about the fetid malaise of the `Trans Continental auction` and undue media circus surrounding a scumbag who was, for a while, very lucky not to get caught for the festering pig shit he is.

Maybe I didn't laugh because you really captured the ugly mood. Maybe I didn't laugh because it isn't funny how dumb many of the public and our town's elected officials can be. Maybe a little of both.

Beautiful job. One of my favorites. Love the photo!

Stephen Miller, via the Internet

John for prez

John Edwards should be the next president of the United States. I want someone to say, "I want to be president of the United States," which is what Edwards said when he announced he's going to run for president.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have danced around the statement too much for me. Save the dancing for Dancing With the Stars.

Wes Pierce, Orlando

[email protected]
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