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Best of the bunch

My name is David Ettinger and I am the writer and editor here at First Baptist Church of Orlando. Before this, I worked for more than four years at the Holy Land Experience in the same capacity. Before that, I was a journalist for 19 years out in the Southwest, where I worked for both the Scripps Howard and Gannett chains.

I just wanted to compliment you on your HLE story in the current issue of Orlando Weekly `"Jesus TV," July 12`. Of course, as a Christian, there were three or four things in your article that made me cringe slightly. However, since moving here in 2001, I've read a bunch of HLE stories. Overall, though I don't quite agree with everything you said, I would have to say that your HLE story was perhaps the best I've seen.

Great job and God bless!

David Ettinger, Orlando


We have been comforted these many years by cold brew from Stardust `"Cold-brewed comfort," Food & Drink, July 12`. Excellent for staying alert during evening classes and commission meetings.

Nicely written, Ms. Young.

J. Ramer, Winter Park

Got it right

Thank you for the frank and sane review of Ratatouille `June 28`. This movie misses on so many levels and was a great disappointment to me. I own a movie theater and am glad I didn't book this title. I would have spent the entire day cleaning restrooms!

Kudos for telling it like it is!

Tim O'Brien, via the Internet

Got it right, part II

Ratatouille `Film reviews, June 28` had shining moments and genuine chuckles, but all in all there was just too much slapstick and high-speed high jinks to keep this 50-year-old mom's attention, and I'm a fairly hip animation buff. (With two kids, one of them 20 and retarded, I have spent nearly two decades staring at cartoons, so I'm a pretty good sport.)

I wanted to write you because you seem to be the lone voice in the crowd. I just don't understand people.

It was not the polished gem of plotting and writing we have been led to expect from Pixar, but then, neither was Cars. I gave it a C-minus; there were too few genuine adult yuks to go around.

Tara, via the Internet

Got it wrong

I just want you to know, you are a fool. I'm sorry your parents beat you as a child (but now I can understand why) and didn't let you have any fun. But don't take all of your frustration, whether it be sexual or not, out on one of the best movies of the summer `Film reviews, Ratatouille, June 28`. It is clearly a star amidst a lull of terrible sequels. You are that guy who shows up to a party uninvited, that nobody likes, and ruins it for everybody. I hope you get fired and replaced by a rat.

Bob Skavinsky, via the Internet

John for Prez, part II

Thank you for publishing my letter about John Edwards `"Mail sack," June 28`. I still think John Edwards should be the next president of the United States, even though Bill O'Reilly has been reporting about the demise of John Edwards on The O'Reilly Factor.

Doesn't demise mean death? The last time I checked, John Edwards was very much alive; just check out Edwards on the July/August issue of Men's Vogue looking very presidential.

Bill, I love you and I watch your show every night, well, almost every night, but you're dead wrong about John Edwards, just like you were dead wrong about the Democrats last year. Remember when you said the Democrats weren't going to win because they have nothing?

Now getting to some of the John Edwards "controversies," like the $400 haircut: I'm sure Barack Obama's suits cost more than $400, and I'm sure he doesn't buy them at the neighborhood Goodwill.

Wes Pierce, Orlando

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