Your "review" of the film Islam: What the West Needs to Know `July 19` reminds me of those who pooh-poohed Adolph Hitler's book, Mein Kampf. Are you aware that both "mein kampf" and "jihad" mean the same thing? "My struggle." This is why Hitler found the Muslims to be practical allies during World War II. There were a number of Muslim units that fought in the war.

I suggest you open your eyes to Islam's goal: domination of the world and the imposition of Shari'a law on all its citizens. But, we should also pray that the various different sects of Islam kill each other off before that happens!

Mrs. C. Eitan, via the Internet


How about writing an article about the Hispanics suing the `Osceola County School Board` since there is no Hispanic board member, they blame the Hispanics kids lack of education on the board, even though in most cases their parents don't give a hoot about their education `see "Not their money," July 26`.

My daughter attends a high school that is nearly 80 percent Hispanic (she is not) and she says they show no respect and do not care about learning and always have a bad attitude and since they are the majority at the school they (the Hispanics) pick on the whites non-stop.

Why do only Hispanics blame the system for their problems? Their kids do not have respect for school and will still not learn no matter how many Hispanic board members we have.

My daughters `sic` best friend is Hispanic and she is going to be in the IB program next year. So why can she be educated and not the rest of the Hispanics? it `sic` is because of their parents `sic` attitude. They think their kids can not go to school and act like hoods and still get a good education.

I am so sick of this attitude. I do not feel sorry for tehm `sic` at all.

Sandee, via the Internet


Thank you for putting in print some of the details that hurt our children `see "Not their money," July 26`. What residents of `Osceola County` don't understand is why the school board keeps doing the same thing, year in and year out.

They just approved another year with the same superintendent, doing the same programs. We elect the school board. They control the superintendent. Instead, the board is into empire building. They want to build apartments, they fight with other boards in the county. Meanwhile, FCAT and graduation levels are the worst in Central Florida.

How about a story about the 120-unit apartment complex they want to build in St. Cloud?

Tom Long, President, Osceola County Landlords Association


Guess we see why you're "just the guy at the Weakly `see Bloggytown, "Wow, Roger Moore's mad," July 31`." Idiot. Sorry I had to double your page visits today to confirm that.

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel movie critic

Jason Ferguson responds: Idiot or not, at least we knew who Abbas Kiarostami was.


In the July 26 issue, there was a brief article on Zingo, the company that drives drunks home `see Happytown™, July 26`. I'm unclear as to how they get paid. Do they rely on the drunk to provide them with payment on the spot (here's a $20, but it's really a $50 because he/she is drunk and he/she has no idea what money looks like)? Or does the Zingo employee simply go through his/her wallet and take the amount needed (plus the credit cards, the iPod and anything else of value because, hey, he/she is drunk, so how will they know?)? Or do they bill said drunk after the drive and expect them to remember the incident and why they are getting billed? This seems like a scam waiting to happen. And some big lawsuits too.

Ray Kalinsky, via the Internet

Ray Kalinsky, via the Internet


Your article `"Watching the watchers," Aug. 2`, contained several gross inaccuracies that may be a disservice to your readership. While I sincerely wish the Orlando Police Department was 1,100 officers strong as George Crossley affirms, the truth of the matter is that we currently employ slightly more than 700 sworn officers.

In addition to Crossley's U.S. Park Police-like estimation of our force, chances are that if word spreads that CopWatch is out and about, maybe 10 or 20 officers downtown may hear about it on any given night — not the "1,100" as Crossley asserts more than once in the article. And most officers could care less about CopWatch's presence as they have nothing to hide.

The Orlando Police Department has always been an agency of openness and inclusion that welcomes community input into how Orlando is policed. In the 25 1/2 years since I've been on board, I've yet to see even a hint of systemic or organizational corruption or brutality.

Our Internal Affairs unit, while not exactly enamored by our officers, will never turn a blind eye toward any citizen inquiry or allegation. Crossley seems to imply that we are some super-secret organization that needs to be policed by his minions … and again, contrary to Crossley, there is no ticket quota system at OPD. Not on Tuesday, Thursday or any other day of the week.

Crossley is quoted as saying, "It's like digging into warm sticky male bovine feces. The more you dig, the more you find." A similar analogy could be drawn in the flippant statements made by Crossley throughout your article: They're basically laden with B.S.

Lt. William H. Wood,
Orlando Police Department


Oh, you brave soul. To take a tour of racial profiling with the white-led ACLU contingent (one former white reverend who tried to have his wife's friend killed) must have been so difficult `see "Watching the watchers, Aug. 2`. You could have been shot at any time.

But someday I'm sure you'll get around to cover the subtler problem of contamination in the ground where you walked. No rush, of course.

Gabe Kaimowitz, Gainesville


That last item about just pointing a finger at a cop and getting arrested is scary `see "Our dumb(er) state," Aug. 2`. You know that a lot of people are now being arrested everyday for videotaping or audio-recording cops on duty (I know there are laws against clandestine recordings). It's all a frightening trend.

Bud Gray, Winter Park


I thoroughly enjoyed your excellent article `"Our dumb(er) state," Aug. 2`. I recalled that when I announced to my boss in 1988 in New York that I was coming to live in Orlando he looked at me and said, "Are you crazy? Don't you know that if the U.S. was a cow Florida would be the tail?"

I also recall a few years ago some rich guy who controls the Villages promised he would deliver the Villages to George Bush. He did just that. My friend in Canada wanted to know what type of people would allow their votes to be delivered by another person.

In the last election, when the rest of the country voted to stop the excesses of the Bush Administration Florida gave its votes to the current administration. Even Katherine Harris received a million votes.

Thanks, keep up the good work.

`Signature not legible`, Orlando


Bravo for telling it like it is! Your story about the dumbest state in our fair union was spot-on `"Our dumb`er` state," Aug. 2`. Ever since I moved here from Northern California in 1995, I have been absolutely astounded at how stupid this state is.

It's either the ridiculous, unrelenting heat and humidity or the half-witted trailer redneckness that has seeped into the very fabric of the people and the politicians of this stupid-ass state. I know, I know, rednecks and loser transplants by now are saying "well then get the hell outta here!" Trust me, I would if I could but I have a decent job and a young daughter here.

As soon as I retire and/or my daughter turns 18, I am on the next plane out of Dumbville, U.S.A. Friggin' idiots!

Jon, Windermere


You noted in your article `"Our dumb(er) state," Aug. 2` that it was the second semi-annual trip into Florida's world of stupid. The first article was two years ago — in 2005. However semi-annual means twice in one year. I think what you mean to write was biennial — "happening every second year."

Carl, via the Internet


In our Aug. 2 story "Watching the watchers," Josh Leclair was incorrectly referred to as Jason Leclair in a photo caption.

Also, in our July 26 story, "Not their money," we incorrectly identified Tom Greer as the Osceola County School Board chairman. While he is a member of the school board, he is not the chairman. We regret the errors.

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