;No utopia

;Deanna Sheffield: You did a nice job with the article on Cassadaga ["Paradise lost," Sept. 6]. I'm glad you didn't let anyone back you down.


;This is not a situation about a disgruntled church member, it's much more criminal in nature. They are using the church as a means for covering up. There have been specific individuals that have stated in open session during the recent board meetings that no court will do anything with a religious organization when it comes to a civil suit. The [non-profit] status is nothing but a front for these people.


;[The sources listed in the story] are merely individuals that for the first time in years are standing up to these people. They have suppressed the remainder of the community just as they did with Eloise Page; attack, threats, extortion and slander.


;[Your sources] are the people that question and confront their unscrupulous and unethical behavior. Everyone else in the camp is hiding out and lying low. This is all known behavior.


;It's time for this type of business to come to an end. "Church members" is a ridiculous phrase. What a cover.


; Debbie Jordan, via the Internet

;Bad psychics

;After reading your article "Paradise Lost" [Sept. 9], I was surprised to learn the dirty politics of such a "wholesome" atmosphere. I traveled to Cassadaga three times in the past to accompany a relative who was gung-ho about the place. The bookstore is nice, and the people are friendly. Out of all of the supposed psychic residents that charge for readings, how were none of them able to foresee this?

;;Name withheld by request

;;Juan's history with racism

;My first accusation of racism was back in 1994 when I was a city of Orlando employee ["The race question," Sept. 6]. I never knew what racism was until I was precluded from working at white pools, although I was the most decorated and experienced lifeguard, with more American Red Cross certifications than any other lifeguard employed by the city at the time. You should public request this complaint that went to the mayor, commissioners and human relations. The city made me the head manager of Northwest Pool with an all white staff to remedy the situation. They will never say this was the remedy, but it surely did happen. This happened somewhere between 1994 and 1995, but I guess the Lynum name was not worth writing about back then. ; Before my last name had any significance in this town I fought for what was right. And I will not stop doing it, even if the media prefers to turn the cheek to ignore the evidence of racism in the story.


;I would imagine this story, in its entirety, will never be told until I write a book.


; E. Juan Lynum, Orlando

;;We just run ‘em

;The responses in your Mail Sack in the Aug. 9 issue seem an exercise in self-deprecation. Although entertaining to read the responses of the woefully uninformed, uneducated and hateful, it seems like you would want to include at least one letter that doesn't slam your publication or its home town/state.

;;Most of the people I know who read the Weekly are open-minded and forward thinking. To give voice to only the most bigoted rants does a disservice to the large majority of your readers. Someone picking up the Weekly for the first time would have come to this section first and would have gotten the wrong impression of the best written, best researched rag in this part of Florida. Please don't give them any more reason to hate.

;; Jeanette West, via the Internet

;What good is the web?

;The tragic saga of Brad Will ["Who killed Brad Will?", Aug. 9] can serve as a cautionary tale regarding the limits of even the most up-to-date technologies as a means of challenging social and political systems entrenched for generations. What good is it if the identities of murderers are transmitted over the web if those who see them are either powerless to do anything or indisposed to do so?

;;Gerry Butland, Maitland

[email protected]


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