One life to live

We [Amy and Joe Dillon] want to thank you for the story on Bill Dillon, our son [“26 years,” Oct. 11]. A lot of effort and research went into the report and a lot of facts that we couldn’t talk about at the trial were included. We just hope and pray that the truth will be revealed soon and that Bill will gain his release while he still has some years left to live and enjoy life.

Amy and Joe Dillon, via the Internet

Not important

Thank you very much for the outstanding article written about my brother, Bill [“26 years,” Oct. 11]. It has been a long road for him and I know the truth will prevail in the end!

There were items stated in your article that were not brought out in his trial. For instance, the state homicide agent having sex with Donna Parish the night she was brought in for questioning. The newspaper had a couple articles about it back then, but Bill’s court appointed attorney, Frank Clarke, said [the homicide investigator] had been through a lot and bringing it up in the trial would only ruin a good man’s reputation even more and hurt his family.

The trial was a week-long circus, which included “he said, she said” evidence and nothing that actually tied Bill to the crime. I was staying at my parents’ house that week the crime happened. The next morning after the murder, I remember reading the article about the murder and the phone rang. It was Donna Parrish calling my parent’s house and she was asking if Bill had arrived yet. I said, “No.” She said, “He was hitchhiking back from Cocoa Beach to my parent’s house.”

Do you know I was never allowed to testify in the trial to that conversation? Frank Clarke said, “It was not important.”

Thank you again for spreading the truth and hopefully these facts will work to the advantage of my brother!

Debbie Lohse, via the Internet

You will support Ron Paul

Obviously (as a Ron Paul advocate) I support your freedom of speech and of the press, but I cannot understand why you would insist on referring to Paul as a “running joke” [“Invasion of the Paul heads,” Oct. 11]. He has spent 30 years in Congress and has a perfectly consistent voting record during that time, one that lines up with his principles (unlike any other person running, Democrat or Republican). He is literally the eyes and voice of the Constitution in our federal government today, and he has worked hard to protect your freedoms.

If you don’t agree with him, fine, but at least show some respect for a man of unparalleled integrity. I think the only running jokes in this campaign are the other Republicans who do nothing but seek to exploit American values for personal gain all the while destroying our civil liberties. Any man who denounces Ron Paul does not have a clear definition of freedom, doesn’t know enough about Ron Paul, or otherwise benefits somehow from his failure. All of these point to the fact that you do not share the vision of the founding fathers that Ron Paul lives and has revived among his countrymen.

I suggest giving up your anti-freedom, anti-Paul ways and join us, it’s much more exciting on this side of the fight, and you will be welcomed with open arms.

David Robison, via the Internet

Die with dignity

I am writing in reference to your article on being “married” as a gay person [“Mantrimony,” Oct. 4]. For about eight years I worked as an estate planner. I worked with many gay couples and found that with some thought and implementation that they could be fairly assured that all their estate would be passed on to the surviving partner with little or no hassle, save the emotional hassle that may come from either family. As you state, through documents and lawyers their (the partners) wishes can be accomplished. I was happy to see this article appear because I believe that this information is still not communicated very well in the real world. No matter who you are or what your sexual orientation, you should never compromise your wishes for the endowment to your partner, family, charity or friend.

Suzanne Doucette Tellam, via the Internet

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