Deadly enchiladas

Jessica Bryce Young: Hear, hear, concerning Trader Joe’s `“Chains of love,” Nov. 15`. In a pinch, World Market can produce a nostalgic moment when looking at the wines (limited to Florida’s dubious distributors), and some international foodstuffs (alas, no fresh or frozen, mostly dry and boxed). God, I may even consider some sort of mayhem – I mean I wouldn’t actually kill – for the frozen cheese enchiladas.

Jerald Burget, via the Internet

Much maligned

In the review of Duran Duran’s Red Carpet Massacre `CD reviews, Nov. 8`, Billy Manes calls Duran Duran’s nearly 30-year career “maligned.” I would call it “much maligned.”

Going back to Duran Duran’s first album, Duran Duran, and the single from the album, “Planet Earth,” that was released in the United States, both flopped. Here in the United States, Duran Duran got scathing reviews.

Duran Duran has had two greatest hits CDs, two tribute CDs and two box sets. So for a band that has been maligned for as long as Duran Duran has, they must be doing something right.

By the way, the band was almost the victim of a red carpet massacre in real life. Ireland’s notorious Irish Republican Army were going to kill members of the band, along with Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, at a 1982 Duran Duran concert because the IRA saw them as symbols of British aristocracy. The plot was foiled.

Wes Pierce, Orlando

Thoroughly vetted

In your Nov. 8 story “Challenge this guy,” you say, “Anyway, get that into a 30-second TV spot and you’ve got a campaign” `in regards to Mayor Buddy Dyer’s relationship with his former advisor David Dix`. Huh?

That’s dream-world shit, even if `Ken` Mulvaney’s net worth is still in the millions, like it was last time he ran. How many TV ads for him did you see last time?  Exactly the same number as there will be this time -– Belushi’s GPA: 0.0.

The last time I read anything that ridiculous in your ’zine was in one of Whitby’s semi-annual Slug columns. It was when he said that `Orlando Sentinel reporters` David Damron and Mark Schlueb were responsible for what was in their articles prior to the arena vote.  In fact, every word in all those articles, as well as nearly every cheerleading column, were completely vetted and screened.

Michael Camarata, via the Internet

Blatant lies

I think the problem is that we’re misdirecting our anger toward China when we really need to direct our anger toward the global supply chain that originates in the United States `“Screw China!,” Nov. 15`. Corporate interests want to make as much merchandise as they can as quickly as they can and as cheaply as they can. The problem is, of course, that you can’t come in under cost when the cost of the safe good/paint/part/whatever is more expensive than the cost of the less-safe good.

I read an article at MSNBC’s website about a mom that wrote a book about the year that her family tried to go without any goods made in China. She found that it was virtually impossible. Remember, the Chinese aren’t the ones who are hurting our people on purpose. And it’s all too easy for a U.S. corporation to come out after the fact and apologize because they didn’t know the `whatever product` had lead. Anything a corporation says is straight from the mouth of their public relations people; and everything a public relations person says is to be disregarded as a blatant lie that has been candy-coated for easy and thoughtless consumption by a mainstream audience.

And corporations will never reduce their thirst for profits, because investors will never reduce their demand for profits. This is why call centers and tech jobs in this same town were outsourced.

It’s a vicious cycle and nobody wants to stop it because the only way it can stop is if everyone stops at once. But why do I have to be the first one, right?


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