In the middle

Somewhere between the big picture and a wild conspiracy plot lies important insight on what really makes things tick; this is such a piece and thanks for printing [“The coming attack,” Nov. 29].

Dan Parker, via the Internet

Another monstrosity

What are a bunch of college kids going to accomplish if not even the mainstream press has been objective, balanced and/or incisive in looking at [the downtown venues under construction]? You want precedents – did anything change after the old arena was built in Parramore?

The best thing they could do is build the performing arts center in Parramore, but that might not even help. The politicians just don’t give a damn about that place. The city’s e-mail system even kicks back any e-mail I try to send to them.

Best of luck, but Parramore is going to get stuck with another monstrosity that will scare away business like the old arena does, that is unless the residents want to make money on parking. That will do a lot for the community.

Dennis J. Vazquez

Letter page filler

In the 42 years I have been in Florida, I have hit the front page several times, first for buying a gun at Kmart in 1970 and telling the clerk I was going to kill my wife. He sold me the bullets, too, in front of a Sun-Sentinel reporter. The next day Kmart took handguns out of their stores nationwide. Within a short few days or weeks the three-day waiting period was in place.

The second time I forced laws to change was concerning HRS and judges. When a judge gave my children back to my wife, knowing she had a history of child abuse, the judge reversed his ruling and the laws were changed to give fathers equal rights.

About 1994 I helped change the real estate laws to allow the licensing test to be given in foreign languages. That took two years and political pulling. State officials told me, “It’s a good-old-boy state” and the laws will never be changed for “those people.”

My grandfather is from Italy and Puerto Rico; for some reason, their comment didn’t sit right with me.

Cappy” Lou Principe, Orlando


Thank you so much for calling attention to the city’s (not-so) “green” business program [“It’s easy being green,” Nov. 1]. The weak criteria for getting certified are what the eco-savvy call greenwashing. After the article was published, I wrote a letter to the mayor about some ways he can be a better buddy to our planet.

It’s been several weeks and I haven’t heard a peep, not even an automated response thanking me for voicing my concerns. I was wondering if Mayor Dyer might’ve made any public comments on the issue?

Julie Norris, Orlando

How Paultards are very much like the devil

Weirdly, her wild-eyed, squinty-voiced story about the Government beast-dog kinda made “the beast” seem pretty awesome, like kinda dumb and cuddly [“Paultards are scary,” Bloggytown, Dec. 3]. I always had the same reaction in church when they talked about the “devil.” They only made him seem like a fucking rock god to me.

So, Paultards, take heed: The passive-aggro voice is a mite self-defeating.


Too PC

I find Universal Studios movies that are full of killing, raping and murder offensive [“Imitate Borat, lose job,” Nov. 22]. Can I fire the so-called executives, producers and writers? Please, let’s fire them, and then let’s start over.

Why does Hollywood seem to not like war but almost every movie has a gun in it? Or every movie has killing in it? Please answer that. America is out of control with this PC crap.


[email protected]
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