It’s the beer talking

Halfway through my third St. Bernardus here at Stardust, I am inspired to respond to matters that have bothered me for years now while reading your entertainment magazine.

First, please stop referring to citizens who support Ron Paul for president by adding a disparaging suffix to his name. I know certainly that there are Orlando Weekly news contributors that support Paul. So how does this depreciate your paper and the standards by which you judge?

Second, to say you will reduce the amount of copy allotted to a certain anarchist, beforehand, further evidences your lack of objectivity. Personally, I believe Ben Markeson to be one of the most knowledgeable defenders of human rights in the area, and I nominate his icon, previously illustrated, as a contemporary replacement for the scrawled capital letter “A” in the circle that is now a cliché.

And third, Clint Curtis is not crazy. He may be outspoken about electronic voting machines, and he has peculiar insight to their lack of integrity and accountability, but having a nearly indeterminable claim only verifies your laziness in reporting this issue.

I suggest that the Orlando Weekly, in these examples, is doing what so much of the media in general does. It gathers around a popular stand and demeans the detractors regardless of their legitimacy so that it can maintain the largest possible circulation or audience, and thereby profit.

I reiterate: Curtis testified under oath to a Congressional committee, and was supported by FDLE lie detection, that Congressman Tom Feeney requested programs to be created that allow changes in vote tallies; Markeson should not be prejudiced against because of his newsworthiness in the past; and Ron Paul maintains one of the most fiscally conservative and Constitutionally supportive platforms of all the candidates this year. So discriminating against any of these persons is adverse to anything that considers itself a resource for news.

Jef Shelby, Winter Park

Editor’s note: The preceding came to us neatly typed on a roll of toilet paper, making Mr. Shelby our favoritest letter writer of all time. You just don’t see that kind of attention to detail in the age of e-mail, and we applaud his initiative.

Nailed it

Good God in heaven, boy, you freaking nailed it `This Little Underground, Jan. 3`. I personally have been calling the small crowds around town the “15-20 club,” and most of them are employees of the venue and friends of the bands. Great article, but better laying the truth on thick. This is the year for Orlando to come into its own. I’ve been pushing a long time. You are right, the talent is here, the world is looking at us. It’s time for Orlando to show support and take some risks. Be original, like you claim to be. We will all be better for it. Thanks, Bao, see you out there.


Beary’s nose

If Kevin Beary were related to Pinocchio he would have to move to a less populated county for surely he would injure people `“Beary versus deputies, again,” Jan. 3`. His frequent posturing makes one wonder why he was re-elected in 2004. I have been a crime victim more than once this year. The parties involved were all repeat offenders with multiple prison terms! Any deputy, who puts his life on the line, deserves fair compensation for this risk, not a manager who pushes paper. I say this as a former paper pusher and now business owner.

I am tired of the old boys network. Wake up, Orlando. Keep up the good work and let us know if these new retirees are working on Teflon Beary’s next campaign. You know he will run, the other press outlets have been too gentle with him.


Good to know

Take Sweeney Todd `Film, Dec. 20`, take away Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, the singing and the big budget and you’ve got Blood Thirsty Butchers (great title), an early 1970s drive-in movie about Sweeney Todd.

Wes Pierce, Orlando

[email protected]


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