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Shame On Us

You should be ashamed of yourself, Mr. Billman `“I didn’t vote,” Jan. 24`. I know that you enjoy writing sensational and inflammatory articles (the manatee-eating hoax of 2003), but encouraging people not to vote? Look at where apathy has gotten us thus far: seven years of the Bush administration, the Iraq war, the failing economy, etc. All because lazy and apathetic people like you didn’t vote.

This country is still a democracy, and part of your responsibility as a citizen of this democracy is to vote. I understand your concern that there are no real choices this year, but instead of complaining about that, why don’t you do something about it? Volunteer for a candidate or organization, write to your representatives, go to a protest, or take a cue from your co-worker and run for office. I will proudly cast my ballot Jan. 29. Won’t you join me?

Yana Keyzerman, Orlando

Just Do It

`Jeffrey C. Billman`: I am writing to you in reference to the article you wrote in the Orlando Weekly entitled “Don’t Vote,” `Jan. 24`. I am writing to let you know that I disagree with your assessment. I believe it is worth it to go out and vote, even if it’s just to go out and vote in favor of the Amendment No. 1 proposition that will lower all Homestead Property taxes (by another $25,000 of exemption) and make Save Our Homes portable. I have voted already via absentee ballot and voted in favor of this much-needed amendment.

I will be running in year 2008 for the Florida House of Representatives (District No. 33) on a Libertarian platform. Please feel free to interview me at anytime.

Franklin Perez, via the Internet

Vote It Down

I see the point, but disagree with the conclusion `“Don’t vote,” Jan. 24`. Since I don’t live in the city, and have registered as an independent, I have only one question on my ballot, the property tax change, and I’m going to still vote. This amendment needs to be voted down, and not voting will only increase the power of the people voting yes. Remember, every no vote takes 1.5 yes votes to overcome it. You have power, but only if you use it. This amendment will discriminate against all non-homeowners by making them a permanent subclass, unable to overcome the tax break given to others. If you ever hope to buy a house, you need to defeat this thing.


It Is A Race Thing

This story was well written and demonstrates how Brown versus Board of Education is still effecting society today `“The elephant in the room,” Jan. 17`. When I moved here from a northern state, I saw the differences in schools immediately. The greatness of your school depended on where you lived. If your neighborhood contained homes $300,000 and above, your children went to the best schools. My Seminole County neighborhood was once told that we were going to be rezoned and my neighbors threw a fit. I knew immediately this stemmed from the idea of leaving an all-white school, for basically a non-white school. Anyway you look at it, it’s racism.

We should be letting our elected officials know that Brown versus Board of Education has not been implemented. The real question is, why does the word “black” still mean “fear” or “uneducated”?


Social Who?

I can’t believe you guys have never written a story on Social Ghost. If there is one band in our Orlando music scene that deserves it, it’s these guys. Their live show is, hands down, the best in town, their songs are hits and their musicianship is unmatched! To beat it all, they’ve been on tour with the likes of Alice in Chains and Shinedown, and you guys didn’t mention them once amongst the best bands in your recent article on the state of Orlando music `“Last dance,” Dec. 27`! I can’t believe that there has been absolutely no press on these guys whatsoever. Obviously you need to get out more!

Todd Hughes, Winter Park

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