Kicked out

Thank you for your piece on the homeless evictions and camp conditions `Happytown™, April 24`. I have been a homeless woman in Seminole County for between five and seven years. During my homelessness in this area I have endured seven evictions for various reasons. The most recent was quite widespread. The officers told us that the public land we were on was not available to the public. It was just idle conversation and the officers said they were just doing their jobs.

A couple days ago a friend told me about an Orlando radio broadcast about several hundred feral cats living near us. There are some cat shelters around the area but it was decided to build a sanctuary (not a shelter) for the cats.

Due to your article I’ll definitely be in touch with some people who feel as I do and who are in a better position to be heard.

B.L. Harris, Orlando

Clear as mud

Read some of the messages accompanying the signatures on the petition `“A muddy future,” May 22`. A college biology teacher, for example, commented on how students retain information from the Environmental Studies Center program well enough to instruct their fellow students. She regrets that she herself has not yet experienced the program.

As a teacher myself, I can only hope my students retain and use the information I try to give them half as well as the experience-based science education they get at the center. It’s not “strange” at all that this program elicited such support. It’s perhaps the most successful program in this A-level district!


Watch out for lions

In regards to the letter about Libras and the response, both of which were featured in Free Will Astrology `April 24`: I always look to my favorite Libra – Bela Lugosi – to sum up all Libras. Lugosi had all the qualities of Libras. He was artistic, egotistical, temperamental, sexy and scary. Bela Lugosi was also ambitious, another Libran quality, which is why he agreed to play his most famous role (Dracula) for next to nothing.

After Dracula was a hit and Bela got more fan mail that year than Clark Gable, Universal Pictures told Bela they were going to make him into an exotic, romantic leading man, like Charles Boyer, and they were going to put him in movies with Greta Garbo and Jean Harlow, but they wanted another moneymaker like Dracula, which is why they wanted Bela to play Frankenstein’s monster in Frankenstein. Bela wanted to play Dr. Frankenstein, not the monster. He took out his Libra scales to decide if he should play another monster or be a romantic leading man. Romantic leading man won. Universal Pictures got mad at Bela, cast day player Boris Karloff as the Frankenstein monster and Colin Clive as Dr. Frankenstein and never made Bela a romantic leading man. He was punished for being a Libra.

The movie producer who cheated Bela Lugosi out of a lot of money was Carl Laemmle. In the 1930s he developed a “mystery illness” and was an invalid for the rest of this life. Don’t mess with a Libra.

Wes Pierce, Orlando

Get (another) job

Let me be clear. To those of you living “paycheck to paycheck” or `who` feel somehow the hand of God has simply kept you down (detrimentally handicapped or similarly excluded) I’ve got some news: When you get home from your 40-hour work week and spend your whole check each week, guess what? You either need to make more money or stop living above your means. Most will simply put in 40 hours, `then` watch TV and hang with friends the rest of the time feeling they “deserve” to have a life. I’m sorry to tell you that’s a losing attitude. If you want more from life, you have choices. … `G`et a second job, improve your skills and get a better job, go to school at night (yes, during your “personal” time) and learn a new skill, sell crap on eBay, open your own business or ANYTHING other than simply sitting around saying, “Woe is me – I’m living paycheck to paycheck.


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