The Bright Side

Thanks for the kind words regarding the songs, and the comment about even Tilly and the Wall considering our name too gay was pretty fucking funny `This Little Underground, June 5`. At least we don’t have shitty pseudo-emo lyrics to go with the kitsch name, right?

Kyle Raker (X.O.X.O.), via the Internet

Making the List

This list is exactly the kind of thing that exemplifies exactly where Orlando is (and is not) in the food world `Salivation Army blog, June 3`.

Honestly, as a food person, it’s hard living here. Everything in the gastronomic universe shows up five years too late in Orlando or, in some cases, not at all. Where are the tapas bars? The dessert restaurants? The artisan bakeries? While Chicago, L.A., Seattle and New York flood the streets with the trendiest spots from the hottest chefs, all we get is black-sheep Todd English over at Disney. I’d be interested to see those `top 10` lists from the big food towns and see how many of them were chains.

If it is possible that Seasons 52 will be No. 1 on Best of Orlando reader’s poll again, I may leave the city.

Holly Kapherr, Orlando

What About the Trannies?

Why aren’t post-op trannies accepted in the drag-queen pageant world `“Diva fits,” June 5`? Does anyone actually know? I wouldn’t think it would matter whether someone has had surgery or not. It’s not like anyone in the pageant would see that part of you!


Bad Eats

I honestly did not like this restaurant at all `review of Shiraz Grill, Food & Drink, Aug. 16, 2007`. I tried everything the reviewer said was delicious and most was actually vomitive to me.

I liked the hummus. It had lots of garlic in it. I happen to like garlic a lot. I also tried the salad olivieh and it wasn’t that bad, meaning it was edible. As for the kashk o bademjan, this was my first time trying it, so I really didn’t know how it should taste. All I know is that I didn’t like it. The only thing that gave it a good taste were the sweet fried onions, but that’s it.

I also tried their ash reshteh soup, and it looks like they freeze their soup and then put it in the microwave when a customer orders it. The bowl was extremely hot, and parts of the soup were hot and others frozen –
yes, frozen.

I had the zereshk polo – yikes, that was not good rice. It had too many barberries, too much saffron. The taste was just not good.

Last but not least, the shish kebob – what a disappointment! Not only did it have a funny taste to it, but also parts of the meat tasted like lamb. I think they charbroil everything in the same grill and don’t clean it afterwards. How can filet mignon taste like lamb?

First and last time to this place.


To Boredom, and Beyond

Time for a comment from a young grandfather with a 4-year-old little one on our experience at the Hollywood Studios park yesterday `Live Active Culture, June 5`. 

We arrived with great expectations and immediately headed for the Toy Story area. My grandson has memorized all the lines from both Toy Story movies, and his two best “friends” are Buzz and Woody. I was expecting a play area and some interaction with the characters, but instead got a closed ride and an offer to wait indefinitely in line or wait in the fast pass line for tickets for another time. Fine. Keep a  smile and move on.

Good fun with the Little Mermaid and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, then back to ride the Toy Story ride. The ride was fun in a simple way, but I was really disappointed in the lack of play for the kids. They should also have an area with water and rubber flooring for the kids to escape the heat. Big bucks, big disappointment.

For kids under the age of 6 I would go to SeaWorld. Their kids’ area is incredible and fun.


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