Libertarian Party chair candidate strips on stage at national convention

The Libertarian National Convention in Orlando has been a weekend filled with strange outfits and sometimes even stranger positions (see Gary Johnson's drivers license debacle), but the final straw came Sunday, when a candidate for the party's chair stripped down to his underwear and danced on stage in front of delegates. 

The bearded man began his musical routine by dancing to a cheering crowd, which later started booing when he removed his clothes. 

“I thought we could use a little bit of fun,” he tells the crowd before starting. 

After he was done, he told the jeering crowd he was dropping out of the race, saying, "I'm sorry, that was a dare."

Some Libertarians in the crowd seemed pretty angry at the whole shtick. The party, which had hours before chosen former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson and former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld as its presidential and vice presidential nominees, is trying to become a viable choice for people dissatisfied with the Republican and Democratic parties.

But the most important question here remains unanswered. Did we do this, Orlando? Is the "Florida Man" syndrome contagious or is this just a regular day for the Libertarian Party? The Florida Man Twitter account seems to have an answer: 

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