Levine gets dumped on

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Tom Levine's failed mayoral candidacy was rooted in the predicament of those living just south of Boone High School. Their houses due to be demolished for school expansion, the residents were given until April 30 to move out. Levine sees this as an infringement by government on the rights of citizens, and on March 28 he put his body where his mouth is.

Levine brought a filmmaker friend out to witness the demolition, and says when he approached workers to talk, they responded by dumping a load of sand in his face. One told him to leave. "Make me," Levine said. He says the man then got into his front-end loader and "smashed into me. It was an incredibly stupid thing to do," Levine says, considering the whole thing was captured on videotape.

"The treatment of me is a metaphor for how they're treating the people there," Levine says. But while he may not win the war, he at least triumphed in this particular battle: Soon after the encounter in question, the demolition crew left for the day.

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