Letters to the editor: SeaWorld fans speak out

SeaWorld fans say the marine park doesn’t deserve the flak it’s taking over ‘Blackfish’

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Getting tired of seeing everyone bash SeaWorld for having orcas in captivity (“New documentary puts SeaWorld on the offense,” Aug. 7). At least they are safe and alive regardless of where they are living. If we really want to save sea animals, we need to start petitioning against other countries that are killing whole pods of whales and dolphins just for the thrill of it, and who don’t give a fuck about them just to kill them. China and Japan are doing the most damage to our whales and dolphins, and yet you all blame SeaWorld.

Miranda Sweat, via orlandoweekly.com

What about all the animals that SeaWorld has saved? All the animals they take care off? All the animals they nurse back to health before returning them to their home? Or the ones that can’t be returned, so they keep them and take care of them? There are dangers with every job. What about all the zoos? Does anyone make a movie about them? About tigers and lions mauling workers? I haven’t seen one. Leave SeaWorld alone! They’re rescuing animals every day and saving their lives!

Lizzie, via orlandoweekly.com

OK, I get some bad things happened, but for God’s sake, people, how many millions of SeaWorld visitors became both animal lovers and activists because of the amazing things we all have learned and marveled at while visiting SeaWorlds over the years? And as for the artists with consciences, get over yourselves. I will buy a CD of each band that does play the [Bands, Brews and BBQ festival at SeaWorld]. SeaWorld rocks!

Anthony Brimhall, via Facebook

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