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DPAC feedback, plus OW's new format


Some time ago, faced with a dwindling page count and a marked decrease in the number of letters to the editor we were receiving, we made the decision to eliminate our Letters to the Editor page. Things have been looking up for Orlando Weekly lately, though. We've made some upgrades to our design and paper quality; we've hired some new staffers who've helped us look at what we do with fresh eyes; we've formed a street team, OW Streets, to get out into the community and attend more events, parties and shows; we're sponsoring more events than ever.
But for readers, the biggest (and most noticeable) change to the Weekly is in the paper itself – beginning with the first issue of 2013, we made the leap from our long-standing tabloid format to a bound and trimmed magazine-style publication. We're printing on higher-quality paper, our designers can take advantage of full-color on every page of the issue and – perhaps the biggest improvement, for some of you – the paper doesn't fall apart when you read it or put it down or when the wind blows.
We're also going to bring back a reader-feedback page, beginning right here and right now. You, readers, get to have the first words (In true Weekly fashion, we're reserving the right to have the last ones ourselves!). – Erin Sullivan

Change is good
I love the Weekly's new "magazine" format! Especially that it's stapled! I can sit outside at lunch, read it and it doesn't fly off in 1,000 directions of the wind. Great job!
Khalil J. Makdah (via text message)

Back in the '90s, when you first started and were delivered to homes, I complained about how your printer couldn't fold the paper correctly. That was never fixed – until now. Yay! I applaud the new!
Michael Mills (via Facebook)

This will play out for weeks, months and years. The community will get screwed out of millions, 99.9 percent of the local arts groups will get shafted (again) out of any city performance space they can actually afford ($$$) to use. This is nothing less than a complete scam perpetrated on the city and its populace.
Laugh Out Loud (Beats Tears) (via orlandoweekly.com)

Thanks for a great article letting your readers know the status of the new performing arts center ("Dramatic Pause," Jan. 23). What a shame it has come down to this. I hope DPAC and Florida Theatrical Association can agree to a contract that will benefit both parties and ultimately the art supporters of Central Florida. It would make sense for DPAC to concentrate on raising the funds needed to finish the performing arts center and have FTA continue to present quality Broadway shows like they have for the past 24 years. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!
Traci Danielle (via orlandoweekly.com)

If DPAC has good acoustics, it may be worth it. The Amway Center is a horrible place for concerts. I was surprised that all that money was spent with no nod to how music would sound in it. I won't waste my money at another concert there.
Mojorabbit (via orlandoweekly.com)

DPAC is to local arts as Jason Voorhees is to sleep away camp. Perhaps the best option is to leave the building as a half-finished ruin like Segal's Versailles or that glass monstrosity up on I-4.
Arfnotz (via orlandoweekly.com)

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Department of Corrections:
In the print version of the Jan. 23 cover story, Dramatic pause, we reported a one-time $500 million deficit for the Orlando Ballet. That number should have been $500,000.

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