Everyone's a critic

Honestly, I love your publication. I enjoy the articles, the perspective, the movie times … but I gotta say, this week's cover sucks! `"Uncle Sam really wants you," Sept. 8.` The artists in the past have had great style, great composition; your papers are eye-catching, interesting; they compel nonregular readers to pick them up and peruse them. Like back when you had the Humvee driving off the cliff with Jeb and Terri `May 26`, now that was awesome! The Jeb-worm in the apple `Aug. 11` was also neat, and the last great one was last week's Smell of Steve `Sept. 1`.

This Uncle Sam this week is awful! His ham fists, his nonexpression (with a title like "Uncle Sam really wants you," you'd expect him to be more animated, dynamic, plaintive) that color job ... I didn't even pick it up when I saw it at Quiznos downtown. I read the article on the site instead.

I dunno, I don't mean to be too critical, but I used to work with a weekly publication and in my spare time I do freelance illustrations and what we all know is really important is to have a strong, compelling cover. I never even threw away some old Weeklys, because the covers were hilarious. I think it only troubles me because I love the Weekly and I want it to remain a bang-up, spiffy weekly, and I think weak illustration and graphic design just hurts rather than helps. It's the cover that grabs you and makes you pick it up. When it's boring, as it is this week, who wants to bother? Uncle Sam looks like he's about to get dumped, not trying to convince people to come work for him, which is weird because that clip-art looking spot inside has him all conniving, a total turnaround from his puppy dog eyes. Argh.

Most weeklies have crappy budgets and it's hard to get talent with that, but please don't settle for less than what you had in the past! You need to stay awesome! Not less than awesome! Maybe it's the cold medicine talking. That said, all other aspects, I can totally dig.

Juli Norwalk, Winter Park

Fan letter for Issac

Thank you for posting this well-written and personal piece `"Gonzo goodbye," Sept. 8`. I could feel the excitement building as the tale progressed. The author has a great eye and voice. Please post more from Issac Stolzenbach, as he has a great talent.

Cliff Inlow, via the Internet

Sex offender laws offensive

I am so happy to finally see someone stand up and say enough is enough `"Not in my city," Aug. 25`. If this country really wants sexual abuse to end, we have to learn how to educate instead of naming and shaming. These laws have gotten way out of control. I get appalled at our judges and lawmakers when they prey on every parent's nightmare. Every sex offender is not a threat, but the public is misled into believing differently. People who committed a crime over 20 years ago and thought they had paid their dues to society now are being punished again in a big way.

What will happen after we have banned them from everywhere? Does anyone think for one minute this is going to somehow make it all better? No, I think if you kick a dog long enough, the dog will bite back, and we better watch out for this dog if it does. Sexual abuse is a bad thing, but it has gone on since the beginning, it was just swept under the rug. Protecting our children is one thing; becoming a nation that shuns a whole group of unwanted people will end up making us as bad and as evil as the ones we don't want.

As well-intentioned as Megan's Law was in the beginning, I have no use for it anymore. All of the politicians, special interest groups and hysterical parents have turned it into a tool to destroy not only sex offenders but anyone who touches their lives or cares for them.

This is a very touchy subject for people right now but someone with some power (like the Supreme Court justices who started this) needs to end all the hysteria. People should be held accountable for their actions, but how long does one have to be subjected to a law that leaves them without any hope for redemption?

Name withheld by request

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