Viva El Billman!

I just wanted to thank you for the candid article you wrote regarding megachurches here in Orlando `"Viva Las Jesus!" Oct. 13`. I must admit, when I picked up the magazine, I was expecting a five-page spread blasting churches. Thanks for not going there. We all know there's plenty to pick at when it comes to those who claim to tout the Christian faith. It'd be a better PR move if we were all like Jesus, but churches are just made up of a bunch of normal, fallible people, most trying to do the best they can. But then there are the ones who are bent on spreading hate for those not like themselves or getting rich off of God, unfortunately.

Hey, if you want to try out another megachurch, check out Northland – out by the Longwood dog track. My husband and I have been going there for about a year now and there doesn't seem to be some big social agenda – other than caring for others.

Keva A., via the Internet

Our pastor got booted too!

Mr. Billman: I enjoyed your article about the churches you visited here in Orlando. I found it very insightful and appreciated your observations as a neutral observer. I attend Church in the Son and have for almost three years now. I would love for you to revisit our church when Pastor Alex is speaking so you could hear his heart.

We are a very friendly church and we do have a definite plan for presenting the Gospel in Orlando. Also check out our new building plans for our location. It is interesting to note that Pastor Alex was previously the Pastor at Calvary Assembly until he too had problems with the deacons.

William S., Orlando

Jesus is the reason, Jeff

Though I found your article entertaining, and at times humorous, you indeed missed the most important points. Though the new-school churches, as you call them, are filled with excitement, they are not all about excitement and creating it to attract members. You see, they are realistic, while old-school churches were not. For example, the point of singing at church according to the Bible is to show God praise. Now how praised would you feel if someone sang some of the awful old-school songs to you that put my grandmother to sleep?

The most important thing you missed is that most of these churches are not about excitement in the show, but excitement in life change. I know from being a Christian now for three years, and a member of Discovery Church, that I have experienced drastic changes in my life. I am not nearly the same person I was three years ago. I am more mature, poised, confident, dedicated to my family and wife and Lord. I am content with who I am, where I have been and where my life may take me. I feel fully prepared for just about anything life will throw at me. I attribute these changes to my relationship with Jesus that has been fostered and led by the teachings of the pastors at Discovery Church.

So though I found your article entertaining, it was very superficial, and I can only hope that as a person you are not nearly as superficial. If so I hope you would invite Jesus into your life for a great and strong relationship. Go ahead. I dare you. Then in about three years I would love to see the article you write about megachurches.

Joel Myers, via the Internet

Recruit this

Thank you for your article "No child left unrecruited" `Oct. 13`. Hopefully it made many parents aware that they have to actively opt out of having their children's information sent to the military for recruitment (brainwashing) purposes.

What angers me the most is that by opting out, their information won't be sent to colleges. We used to have a government that supported education. Unfortunately this government cares more about having a never-ending supply of soldiers. With the grants, loans and scholarships now available, children no longer have to risk their lives in the hopes of receiving money for college.

Angel Jacques, Orlando [email protected]


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