Right about radio

Jason Ferguson: I relocated to the border of Polk and Highlands counties from San Jose eight years ago, and the location provides antenna pick-up of the majority of FM radio stations; the affordability factor being a plus, the negative is lack of modern-rock program format. As reported `Notable Noise, Jan. 5`, the only thing close to acceptability is what Erik Dennison programs on 104.1 WTKS-FM. The San Francisco market has several commercial stations making green with such a playlist and I remain amazed that the powers that be in Tampa and Orlando markets feel this choice wouldn't be profitable.

Dan Stone is, for my two cents, an innovator. Freedom to do something a bit different, and to do so for years, is noise I want invading my home front. The annoying weekend part is reruns of weekday chatter and pre-recorded sputtering from the L.A. man. Nice talent but not a show I give any thought to. Indeed, I'd rather have music.

Good report, and this 50-year-old from Frostproof gives ya a tip of the ol' radio cap. Press on!

David Parish, via the Internet

Right about Essence

My husband, son and I couldn't agree more with your recent review `of Essence of Japan, "Smashing sushi," Dec. 29`. Essence has become one of our favorite places since it opened. At this point we even let the Nguyens direct our menu choices. (Not that they give us much choice!) But we're getting nervous; they don't seem very busy when we go, so we really hope Essence catches on with Central Floridians so we can all enjoy their food for years to come. Thanks for doing your part to spread the word.

Tracie Germino, Orlando

Wrong about the circus

The Jan. 12 Happytown™ begins with a segment on the circus and `People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals` that is the epitome of the unintellectual, emotionally driven banter that fuels the brand of conservatism that revels in the mythical "golden age of the past." Rather than attempting to use evidence and logic to show that circuses do not abuse animals, the Weekly chose to use emotionally laden phrases such as "The Greatest Show on Earth" and otherwise rely on the false image of wholesome fun that our society has been led to associate with circuses. Way to promote susceptibility to slick advertising campaigns over dissent and skepticism, guys.

Poor sanitation and failure to provide veterinary care are not trivial issues, as the Weekly might think. How would you like living in a pile of your own feces? And of, course, there are the beatings and nearly endless confinement, the latter of which I have witnessed firsthand. Videos and photographs depicting the physical torture and continual confinement of these poor animals, as well as the instruments used to do so (bullhooks, for example), are ample. Where do you think these come from, PETA's secret elephant-torturing lab, complete with custom elephant-torturing device invention workshop?

But don't just take my word or PETA's word for it. In addition to several animal rights and welfare groups investigating the abuse endemic in the circus industry, there is the Pittsburgh Channel 4 news team, which confirmed abuse with their own investigation into Ringling: http://www.thepittsburghchannel.com/news/1064804/detail.html.

Daniel Holbert, Orlando

Department of Corrections

Last week's Dining feature, "Between breakfast and bed," featured a photo identified as "Logan's Bistro." The picture was actually shot at Café Trastevere, an establishment not mentioned in the story. The person responsible for the mix-up has been given a stern talking-to.

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