Mr. Cole neatly sidesteps the issue of the reaction to an offense being worse than the offense itself `"Juan's world," March 16`. An editorial board would face public reprisals for printing caricatures of Martin Luther King as Stepin Fetchit. But no one would burn a building for it, or issue religious death threats. The riots are an overreaction to the Danish cartoons. In the end, that's what will stay with people.

Cyndy Haywood, via the Internet

Nobody walks in Suntree

Great article! `"Juan's world," March 16`. Most Americans have no understanding of the petrodollar and the world tax it produces for the American empire … silly us to believe it was all about a scary bomb … but again that's what they want all of us to believe. One must tend to the sheep. Right. If the empire is to lose the global gas tax to Euros, at least our overweight problem would go away. Hail to the empire! Walking sucks!

Luke Welker, Suntree

Poop slingin'

Your arguments won my vote! I'm going with `David` Strong `"Smear tactics," Dog Playing Poker, March 2`. If he's feisty enough to throw shit on his neighbor, he's feisty enough to clean the shit outta city government.

Bud Gray, Winter Park

Snot-nosed yes men

I was pleased to see, in this week's issue, that all your letters sang the beautiful praises of your Nazi "rally" coverage `"White like me," March 2`. I suppose you had so many "you did great!" letters, you ran out of space to run my derogatory note. Yes, I'm sure it was that, and not the fact you are a sloppy cavalcade of snot-nosed yes-men who cower in fear at the sight of any opinions deviating from your own sugar-coated reporting style. Censorship thanks you today, my friends, for keeping it alive and well all these years.

Peter P. Gaseoustania, via the Internet

Guns are funny

"Happiness is a concealed gun" by Calvin Godfrey `Feb. 23` was one of the wittiest articles I have had the pleasure of reading in a long time. I regularly read The Onion and it's been years since I laughed so hard at an article. It was a refreshing blend of humor, introspection and brutal honestly about the subject matter at hand. I can't wait to read what Calvin comes up with next. Give him my regards and tell him to keep at it.

Justin Andrews, via the Internet

Guns aren't funny

This article requires some response `"Happiness is a concealed gun," Feb. 23`. The author's purpose seems to be to question the desirability of allowing "shall issue" concealed carry, since his behavior certainly makes the premise seem ludicrous. The right of every citizen to keep and bear arms as described in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, unfortunately, must be extended to the likes of your author, just as the right of free speech in the First Amendment defends his ability to produce such drivel. Much as intelligent citizens may like to curtail all three practices, we realize that freedom is a messy business.

I would like to clarify one issue for your readers. Carrying a fully loaded pistol would be appropriate for self-defense. An unloaded gun is useful only to strike, not shoot. Also, it is the responsibility of the shooter to provide eye and ear protection. However, responsibility is not something with which your author is familiar, obviously.

There are probably few "rednecks and old Jews" among your readership to be offended.

Genie Johnston, via the Internet

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