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Yeah, what he said

Plain Jane Automobile: Are you pretending to be as stupid as your letter to the Orlando Weekly `Letters, April 6` and thus suckle on absolute commercialism? Or is it that you feel that your groins have been pulled in the wrong way and thus have to piddle your puddle diaper rash of a so-called — well, in your words — "It takes balls to write and perform your own music and hope that it translates into something that people can relate to"?

The very first sign of a truly awful band/artist is if the band/artist cares more about their boring, adoring, blood-sucking weasel fans than they do about their own music. Nirvana — the worst band of all time — was 100 percent guilty of this. Perhaps had Kurt Cobain created music because he loved to create music instead of trying to compose music for the demigod audience, he might still be breathing.

Getting back to the subject. Yes, you write/compose music "and hope that it translates into something that people can relate to." That, my dear friends and loved ones, is commercialism! And that is why, my dearest friends and loved ones, there are so many one-hit wonders! Ever hear of that term? Or are your sloppy-seconds morsels so enwrapped and entombed within your pathetic meandering ideals that they'd still be good after the thawing of the next ice age? Simple solution: Create and compose music because YOU want to. If an audience catches on, great! And if they don't, well, that's their problem!

If you "plain" people think and believe it takes "balls" to write and perform your own music, that shows you how little you know about music. Composing music — especially a rock song — is perhaps the easiest thing to do in any field of art! And you would know this if you knew anything at all about music.

Balls? Let's discuss balls. It takes "balls" to be original and create original music. Something that is totally off the charts, unlike anything ever heard. Please do not be simpleton gangrene toiletries and tell me or anyone that "it has all been done before." Sorry, it hasn't. Here are a couple of bands that are total originals: Rasputina, The Residents, Melt Banana, John Zorn/Naked City, Einsturzende Neubauten, Cabaret Voltaire (for their time); the list goes on.

Enough of the lesson. That leaves you, Plain Jane Automobile, pretty plain indeed.

Michael Haber, via the Internet

Jehovah's mighty foot

I'll tell you who leads: Jehovah, and his mighty left foot will squash your so-called dancers, right along with your homosexual agenda `"Who leads?," March 30`. Our boys aren't fighting in Iraq to give liberals like you the latitude to destroy this country. May God have mercy on your forsaken souls.

Yours in Christ's love,

Wyatt Olson, via the Internet

Stop the coddling!

For what it is worth, here is my opinion on the illegals issue facing our country now:

The Hispanic community, for the most part, has been coddled here in this country with all the "press one for English, or press two for Spanish" accommodations. How they can be issued drivers licenses without speaking the language baffles the mind.

The cost of providing all the "perks" that these folks are getting is tipping many low-income families' budgets over the edge. My parents came here from Armenia, a country with a totally different alphabet. How difficult, you can imagine, was it for them to learn this language of our U.S.A.?

For all the millions who entered this country legally, paid their dues, spent many hours learning our language etc., this proposed legislation providing amnesty for those who broke our laws is a huge insult. What lesson is it teaching our young?

Gloria Hachigian Ericsen, Orlando

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