No fun

I agree that EA Tiburon could/should be a great influence on Orlando `"The power worthy," April 20`. However, I stop short of singing their praises because I see how the employees there are treated: underpaid, overworked, manipulated and verbally abused by their managers … not a good formula for keeping people in the company. I would love to see somebody do an exposé on that place. It's sad that this company treats their employees like shit, but I suppose that's just how things are done nowadays.

Anyway, keep up the good writing, I enjoy it.

Lindsay Castrillo, Orlando

Try it, you'll like it

Brilliant! One of your best columns in ages `"Notable Noise," April 27`. I can't tell you how nice it is to hear someone encourage people to buy or try something that they've never heard before. I've discovered so many great albums just by taking a chance on cover art (Gene's debut album, The Louvin Brothers' Satan Is Real), a band name (Trembling Blue Stars), or an album/song title (Chet Baker's "She Was Too Good to Me," Ron Sexsmith's Other Songs). These people were all either completely unknown to me or I recognized the name but had not actually heard them. The joy not only comes from the music within but the fact that you learn something about yourself ("You know what, I do like jazz!").

Keep up the good work; maybe, just maybe, this weekend someone will wander into Park Ave CDs and make their own discovery. Once you go down that road, you never look back.

Shawn R. Conroy, Winter Park

Why terrorists love America

United 93 is a wonderful portrait of courage `"Mourning in America," Film, April 27`. But in the context of America's current foreign policy, it comes off as a familiar bit of wound-licking. Every nation has a tale of the day the world did them dirt, and United 93 is America's.

But what's more remarkable is that when people abroad see the Michael Moore movie Fahrenheit 9/11, viewers are surprised that a person is allowed to do that in America, allowed to be so critical of a sitting president. An unintended effect, because by being so harsh, the movie ends up giving every American something to be proud of, proving to the world that America is still somewhat free.

This is why, being convinced that our president means to destroy Islam, no one's come over here and blown us off the map.

Face it. We're an open society; they could do it any time they wanted. So really, it's not the chest-thumping "these colors don't run" that has kept us relatively safe since Sept. 11. It's that this guy out of nowhere gets to film our president's most embarrassing moments, make it into a movie and inspire debate.

That's why angry fanatics stay their sarin gas and their bombs. Not because we "have the terrorists on the run." Obviously we don't. Bush gave up trying to capture Bin Laden years ago. We're safe only because even angry people still admire something about this place.

Hope it stays that way, don't you?

Jamie Esquire, via the Internet

Department of Corrections

Our cover story "The power worthy" `April 20` stated that Full Sail Real World Education was honored by Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine as a top game design school in July 2005. Electronic Gaming actually honored Full Sail in 2004. Also, our story stated Full Sail claimed a placement rate of 80 percent; the actual figure is 76 percent, according to Full Sail's PR director.


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