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Feed the homeless

Although my theoretical opinions of "reality manifestations" keeps me from supporting Food Not Bombs more directly than by leaving a paper sack of canned food out by the tree where the Wednesday feedings have taken place in Lake Eola Park, what has happened to squeeze this humanitarian benefit out, I believe to be just plain wrong `Happytown™, June 22`.

There is no statistic to prove that crime has increased, other than cherry-picked situations meant to bolster fear, and there is nothing more worthy than what these, mostly, kids are doing with food that might otherwise go to waste.

I urge everyone to support them, by showing up at their time of protest, dressed well, to hand out free sandwiches to the hungry police officers and business owners who will attempt to maintain an aesthetic that excludes the hungry, homeless and the condition that most of us are only a paycheck away from experiencing ourselves.

Jef Shelby, Orlando

Limousine liberals

I have a great plan for feeding the homeless and moving them out of Lake Eola `Happytown™, June 22`: Why don't you make your parking lot at Orlando Weekly available (and your bathrooms too) for the feedings? It would be nice for the Orlando Weekly to actually act on your liberal views. I doubt this will ever happen. I'm sure using this plan, none of us "rich, snooty white folks" will have to take evasive action on our runs (jogs).

Finally, I heard a statement by one of the members of Food Not Bombs. He said, "If we didn't feed them, they `homeless people` would have to steal their food." What kind of idiotic statement is that?! Why don't they work and purchase it like the rest of us? Oh, that would be too much to ask.

William T. Comer, Orlando

Flushing Hamilton County

You were `in Hamilton County` only three days? Wow, I thought you had lived there `"I'm going to Jasper," June 8`. I have said jokingly that the entire county is possessed by spirits — native American spirits getting even. I could probably write volumes about that place after living there a little over 10 years. I am not bitter. I am smart; I got out.

When you move to Hamilton County, build a small business and try to make a living and give to all the nearby churches and children's groups, and sponsor a Little League team and try to do things for the community because you were not "born and raised" there, you do not get equal treatment from the town mayor and City Council and are treated as a second-class citizen. They work to devastate you in any way they can.

I am telling the truth. My hubby and I did just that in the late '80s and into the '90s. The corruption and treatment we received were horrible, and this from a church community.

I could tell you a lot, but we have moved on in our life and flushed Hamilton County.

Ann and Bruce Merson, Melbourne


I'm one of the gullible folk that tried to make Jeff `Billman` feel welcome in our area `"I'm going to Jasper," June 8`. Little did I know what was to come of it.

Bully journalism is pathetic, particularly when it is the ambush style of bully journalism. Go ahead and pick on the little towns and counties of Florida and slap around their Chambers of Commerce, their people and even their small churches, but remember, that's not what good journalists with integrity would do; that's the stuff of cheap-shot, bully-pulpit publishing and a sad waste of paper and ink.

Walter McKenzie, via the Internet


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