Good riddance

The right of eminent domain did Central Florida a very big favor by removing Casselberry strip club Club Juana `"Requiem for a strip club," July 13`. Such clubs are nothing but pornography that not only demeans the women who perform in these clubs, but the men as well who patronize them. The men who run these places are usually called pimps on the street. The women who perform in these clubs are usually narcissistic, selfish, self-absorbed individuals whose world only surrounds them. Real men do not need to view pornography in any form; only losers do.

Norbert R. Gorny, Orlando

Dug the story

Just wanted to let you know that your coverage of Inkwell was appreciated `"The reluctant rocker versus the machine," July 20`. It was a very personal look at the promising future of Travis and the band. Thanks.

Atom Andersen, via the Internet

Racist Hamilton

I was glad you came to Hamilton to do an article on this small county `"I'm going to Jasper," June 8`. Most of the story you wrote about Hamilton County was true. I see where you mention about the drugs that had been discovered in Hamilton County and how the sheriff lied and said there was only one major drug bust. That's not very true; actually there have been two meth busts in Hamilton County. Also you talked about robberies and how they say that it was only one major robbery. That is not true. Robberies happen around here all the time. Half of the robberies go unreported because they happen to African-Americans and the police act like they don't even care. The police harass the African-American children just because of how they dress or look. Racism is very much alive here and will always be because that's how the locals want it.

As for Jim King telling you about the Ku Klux Klan, that is so true. I remember one night about five years ago the KKK rode looking for a black man. Their reason was because a white woman claimed that this man raped her, which wasn't very true. That happened in the little town of White Springs. Sounds like another Rosewood, doesn't it?

Racism has got so bad here if an African-American or a Caucasian (that's not from around here) tries to do something here they will snatch the rug right from under their feet. That's why half of Hamilton County lives under the poverty line, and it's not all blacks either. Hamilton County is the poorest county because the locals don't want anything major to come in and take over their land.

I remember when we were supposed to get a Wal-Mart but no one would sell them land. Instead it was built about 18 miles away in Live Oak, which is Suwannee County. The local jokers are right, nothing goes on here and nothing will never go on here except for robberies, drug deals and crooky things because businesses will never be built here.

I bet they never mentioned the school system to you and how the districts are put together. In one district it's nothing but blacks and they won't change that. The school system is so sad here. They always tell you no kid is left behind, but that's not true. They are trying to leave all the black students back.

Living in Hamilton County is not a glamorous life, especially if you are black. Blacks can't do anything here without getting harassed, but the whites can do the same thing and nothing happens to them.

I was pleased to read your story even though some of it was true. That's how you find out the true colors of people who live in the same county as you and how they are nice to blacks only to a certain point so they can keep them supporting their businesses. God bless you, keep writing.

Dorothy Johnson, via the Internet


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