Wake up call

I picked up the Orlando Weekly a few days ago due to "Hey Dems!" on the cover `Aug. 31`. I read with great glee your write-up on the Democratic candidates for Congress. I laughed out loud while reading this to some friends, especially the article on Alan Grayson. This guy would be great for us and I think some of that advice was not off the mark.

I'm thinking I might want to help out in his campaign. I haven't been too excited about a candidate for quite a while. Well, that article sure woke me up. Thanks and good writing.

Mary J. Gray, Orlando

A close shave

Read your "Hey Dems!" `Aug. 31` (of which I am proudly one!) and really enjoyed it. Recently at a Democrats of Celebration meeting, we discussed Grayson. First piece of advice we would give him was unanimous: Shave!

I had to laugh out loud when I read that in your column, twice!

Steph Garber, Celebration

Home for wayward carts

I read with great interest your article "What's with all the shopping carts?" `Aug. 24`. As the current president of the Coytown Neighborhood Association, `carts are` probably one of our biggest complaints from our neighbors. Mr. Jason Lowe began the communication with the local businesses that this was a problem that needed to be addressed. Our board has continued his work to include the local hotel, a recipient of many of the wayward shopping carts from the local shopping centers.

Again, thank you for this article. It remains not a large problem but a continued irritant. Hopefully commissioner `Patty` Sheehan will be able to pass an ordinance that will minimize this issue.

Frank A. Consoli, Orlando

Prog rock forever

In response to all those bashing progressive rock bands like Rush, Yes, Gentle Giant, etc. `Letters, Aug. 31`: Fuck all of you!

These bands pump out more meaningful material and are more accomplished musicians than the whiny, heroin-induced, mom-and-dad-suck, faggotty, three-chord bullshit this rag praises. Give me a copy of Genesis' Selling England by the Pound (when Peter Gabriel was vocalist, for you music history— ignorant) or Flower Kings' Space Revolver over any Nirvana or anything being shown on MTV. (Can anyone tell us what the "M" stands for?)

Prog rock is alive and kicking the crap out of cookie-cutter bands. Kudos to Dream Theater, Spock's Beard, Tool, King Crimson, Flower Kings, Neal Morse, Marillion, etc. for keeping the accomplished-music fires burning.

Scott Crowe, via the Internet

Romance readers' revenge

I guess you don't want the Romance Writers' Association to come back to Daytona, since you sent a man who obviously doesn't get the story he was sent to write about `"Conventional love," June 22`. How much money did the 1,000-plus women generate that week for Daytona? If I were in any way on the decision-making team, I would vote not to return for any more conventions. I'd go somewhere more appreciative.

Also, if all the romance-reading subscribers to your publication decided to cancel, you would probably be out of business within the month, so be happy that we also have a sense of humor. We also understand that men just don't get it, that's why we have to fantasize. Think about it. It makes sense.

Elaine English, via the Internet


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