Godless, part II

Hey, I don't know you, you don't know me, just wanted to drop a quick line saying kudos for the article about atheists `"Atheists among us," Sept. 14`. Well-written and to the point, Broseph. Although it doesn't speak directly to my apathetic/agnostic beliefs, I like to see the ruffling of self-appointed pious feathers. I can only imagine the nastygrams you're gonna be getting in your inbox; would be a good feature for the next paper.

Tim Desmarais, Deltona

Doing our doody

I have not seen the review yet, but Seth `Kubersky` read it to me from the paper `"Well dung," Sept. 14`. Wow.


It means so much to us that our reviewers tap into the consciousness of our pieces, and the Weekly does that on a regular basis. Thank you. There is always an investment there in your reviews and it is appreciated much. We have fared very well on this one; even `the Sentinel's` mixed review (felt it was too silly and overwhelming) included some absolutely brilliant mentions.

I feel that it was a great risk doing this show, and I was nervous but knew that artistically we would be falling short of our mission and potential if we did not try it. And it is heartening to know that when we take those risks, we can reach those people we need to.

Give my heartfelt appreciation to Al `Krulick`, not just because it is a good review, but because he understood (just like he did with Oedipus, and just like `Lindy Shepherd` did with Stripped) where our hearts and souls were. And I guess in this case where our farts were as well.

John DiDonna, Orlando

Rock is dead

I have been wanting to write this for a while but had not had the time to do so. I enjoy your Notable Noise column and I agree with the point you made on your July 20 column about rock radio in this town being an abomination. What I did not agree with was the statement you said about WJRR 101.1-FM doing a good job providing aggro rock for 19-year-olds. Personally, I don't think 101.1 even does that right. Because if they were doing a good job catering to 19-year-old boys who like aggro music, 101.1 would have the decency to put bands like Trivium, Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Mastodon and Machine Head on heavy rotation. They would also play a Pantera song other than "Walk," and a Danzig song other than "Mother." C'mon! Trivium is from fucking Orlando!

The thing that I detest the most about the "new rock alternative" is how little "new" rock they actually play. At least 70 percent of the bands they play are bands that are well over 10 years old, most of which have been inactive for close (if not over) a decade. I still like Nirvana, Soundgarden and even Stone Temple Pilots, but I'd rather hear some "real rock" that doesn't suck on the radio as opposed to "All Apologies" and "Big Empty" for the millionth time. And there is no reason for them to still be playing Bush and Limp Bizkit as much as they do. Those bands had their day and it came and went.

To me O-Rock 105.9-FM is like the Democrats. They are aware that people want a true alternative to what 101.1 is doing but they are too pussy to really do something about it. They want to stand out but not too much, because they still want to appeal to the "real rock" crowd and that's where they're fucking up. They need to find their own niche and let those who honestly like 101.1 keep that station, because there are a lot of serious, dedicated rock music fans (like myself) who would gladly listen to a radio station in this town that offers more than "shit like Disturbed."

Ramiro E. Vazquez, via the Internet

[email protected]


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