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Cut the Curtis bashing

Happytown™: It was cute (and perhaps) forgivable at first, but now this is becoming simply appalling. You write `Nov. 16`: "Clint Curtis may have lost his congressional race to GOP Rep. Tom Feeney by 16 percentage points Nov. 7, but he's not done yet. Curtis, who has accused Feeney of vote-rigging and even murder, is challenging the election results. Why? Because a Zogby poll a few weeks before the election showed Curtis only two points down. Therefore Feeney must be up to nefarious dealings once again. We'll keep you posted."

How long are you people going to keep this bullshit up? Curtis has never "accused Feeney of ... murder" and your continuing attempts to marginalize him (apparently) by repeating such complete and utter unsupported claims is a serious and shameful blot on the Weekly's record. Perhaps you should simply cut out the middle-man and just allow Tom Feeney's folks to write your column in the first place.

You should be ashamed of yourselves and retract (again!) such a baseless statement under the guise of "reporting." It's pathetic, ridiculous and damned dangerous.

Brad Friedman, BradBlog.com, via the Internet

They're at it again

Jeb Bush has appointed Alec Yasinsac to carry out an inspection of the Sarasota County voting machines that failed to register votes for the U.S. House race in that Democratic-leaning area.

People For the American Way Foundation Florida Legal Counsel Reggie Mitchell issued the following statement.

"I know Alec Yasinsac well, and while he's a great guy, he's the wrong choice to lead an investigation into what went wrong in Sarasota County. We need an independent investigator, not someone whose partisan leanings have been clear since the 2000 voting fiasco."

Jeb Bush is once again putting partisan politics above the will of the voters.

Margarite Paulson, Orlando

Kara: Quit your day job

I think you reviewed a wrong restaurant because I have eaten at `Ultra Luce, "Shiny but not happy," Nov. 16`. I was very impressed with the food. Also, I can agree to a certain point on the service, and maybe the ice tea, but the rest I have to disagree with. Faiyaz Kara, why don't you try to learn about food and then after you can maybe review hamburger places like Scott Joseph? I have about 40 years of experience in the food industry, so please dedicate yourself to other venues and other industries. Thank you.

M. Hadid, via the Internet

Very funny

"It is ultimately a so-so movie that does little more than answer what should've been an ironic question: What would happen if Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe made a romantic comedy?" `Film, A Good Year, Nov. 9`. Can't see them using it on the movie posters though. Made me laugh out loud though as it was the first thing I saw on rottentomatoes.com after I just came back from the cinema having watched it.

Quilliam D. Potter, via the Internet

Cut the fogy bashing

James Carlson: Difficult as I'm sure it is for you to believe, some day you and your lovely wife may have the good fortune to be middle-aged and older. Assuming you do, and assuming you and your lady are still together by then, I hope you remember this article you wrote `"Conventional romance," June 22`. I especially hope you and the lady in your life get to experience how it feels when an alleged journalist targets your physical signs of aging as a reason for lampooning an event he doesn't begin to "get."

Mardi Ballou, via the Internet

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