Insane Christians have infiltrated local government.

Apparently, rationality and civility are not necessary to serve on the Edgewater City Counil.

This crazy insane woman and her crazy insane husband, operating under the delusion that their 18-year-old daughter was possessed by invisible "demons", decided to perform an exorcism on her.

The girl, apparently, swore at her sister, and this convinced these wackjobs that she was possessed by evil spirits, so they tried to "annoint" her with olive oil (extra virgin, I'm sure) while holding her down against her will.

She got away, and came back with the cops. Her dad accused the cops of wanting to have sex with his daughter. (They weren't the ones ripping her clothes off and covering her body with slippery oil, however.)

Meanwhile, his wife "... complained that the Police Department's victims' advocate was the 'devil's advocate,' and complained she had put too many ideas in Danielle's head about her rights as an adult."

Are these the kind of people you think can make well-thought-out, rational decisions on behalf of others? Are these the kind of people that you want protecting your rights and liberties? Are these the kind of people that you want representing YOU?

I certainly hope not. The Constitution says that there should be no religious criteria for serving in public office, and I think that is good and fine. There is nothing, however, that says INSANE PEOPLE must be allowed to make decisions affecting the public.

If you keep electing lunatics, pretty soon you end up with a government that looks like this:

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