Inmate attacks officer at hospital, vandal attacks chairs at pool

Police beat: crime reports from the Orlando Police Department

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On July 9, an Orange County Corrections officer was attacked by a prisoner she was guarding in a room at Orlando Regional Medical Center on South Orange Avenue. According to a report released by the Orlando Police Department, the unnamed officer was watching the prisoner, Asniel Pino Del Risco, eating a meal. According to the report, she saw Pino “grab a hamburger from his plate,” then lunge at her, hitting her in the head repeatedly with the ceramic plate. She tried to use her Taser to subdue him, but “it was slippery due to all her blood, so she was unable to take it off her belt.” According to the report, she thought Pino Del Risco was trying to kill her, and she wasn’t able to fight back. Pino Del Risco then tried to walk to the door but wasn’t able to get very far, because he was tethered to the bed. Another corrections officer heard his colleague call for help and secured Pino Del Risco. Pino Del Risco, who was already facing charges of aggravated assault on a law-enforcement officer related to a June 26 incident, is now facing additional charges of aggravated battery on a corrections officer, attempted murder and resisting with violence. (Unrelated, but we found his Facebook page, and he’s also guilty of being pretty in love with selfies.) And Orlando Regional Health says it’s now planning to serve meals to prisoners being treated at the hospital on Styrofoam plates. We’re trying to figure out how that wasn’t policy already.

In less horrifying police news, someone invaded the pool area at Sunbrook Villas condominiums at 5848 Windhover Drive on July 7 or 8 and pried open the lock to the pool areas, then “threw lounge chairs into the pool.” Summertime sadness.

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