Here's how to remove a large angry alligator from your pool

Last Wednesday, May 4, Tampa authorities were called to remove a couple of large unwanted guests from pools in two different neighborhoods, Temple Terrace and Palm Harbor. 

Thankfully, both of these gator removals were caught on film. Now, it should go without saying that you should never attempt to do this yourself. 

According to Fox 13, Temple Terrace resident Elizabeth Foster came home from work and discovered a nine-foot alligator swimming in her pool after breaking though her enclosure screen. "I was headed towards the pool pump and something caught my eye and so I looked and there was a giant alligator in my pool," she said to the station. 

After a two hour struggle, the 250-pound gator was eventually lassoed and removed from the pool.  

Later that night, on the other side of town, Palm Harbor resident Nancy Bloch discovered a seven-and-a-half foot gator after her dog started barking.

"I went to see what she was barking at and I saw a very large shadow on the bottom of the pool." she said to Bay 9 News.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were called that night and were able to remove the gator. 
click to enlarge Here's how to remove a large angry alligator from your pool
Photo courtesy of Nancy Bloch

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