Have you seen these Florida tortoises?

Dots - Photo via Phil's Berry Farm Facebook
Photo via Phil's Berry Farm Facebook
When his two beloved tortoises went missing last Friday night, one South Florida farm owner knew something bad had happened: Tortoises don't make great runaways.

Phil Marraccini, owner of Phil's Berry Farm in South Miami Dade, says he's sure his 65-pound tortoises were stolen, reports the Miami Herald.
click to enlarge Speedy - Phil's Berry Farm
Phil's Berry Farm

Speedy and Dots both weigh around 65 pounds and are over 25 years old, but in tortoise-time, they're basically babies. According to National Geographic, tortoises can live to be more than 150 years old. 

Usually, the farm has cameras that would have identified a thief, but they weren't functioning that night.

Marraccini thinks the motive for the crime is money. The reptiles are worth $800 to $1,000 each. But to this farm, Speedy and Dots are more than dollar values: They're family members.

The farm has contacted Miami-Dade police and posted on social media for help.

Marraccini says that he's offering a reward for the tortoises' safe return and for any information that will help police find the reptiles.

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