Note to all you Parramore residents: Your elected officials are on the case!

The Orlando Police Department hosted a neighborhood safety meeting at Hurst Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church on Bentley Street Nov. 9. Orlando commissioner Daisy Lynum was only at the meeting for 10 minutes, but she did talk about the need for stronger crime prevention methods. Go, Daisy.

And what did the powers that be come up with? A variety of tactics, some of which might, um, surprise you. One Orlando Police officer got up in front of the assembled citizenry and advocated "whupping" the children to keep them in line — even if that meant parents going to jail. That one was a little shaky, coming from a huge cop with a hand-cannon in his holster, but we can let it slide. (Police chief Michael McCoy was sitting a few feet away the whole time.)

At the end of the hour-and-a-half-long meeting, which was attended by about 80 residents, McCoy asked the audience to raise their hands if they'd be in favor of installing cameras on street corners in Parramore. El Jefe was dead serious. And the community was behind the idea; some even threw up two hands, and a "hallelujah" was heard from afar.

But why stop at cameras? McCoy asked the assembled to again show their hands if they thought a curfew for kids in Parramore would be a good idea. The people rejoiced. One woman had tears rolling down her face as she thanked God at the mere mention of a curfew.

So there you have the Big Ideas for combating crime in predominantly black Parra-more: cameras and curfews.


It’s the silly season, and by that we mean November sweeps, wherein local news channels try to jack up ratings by keeping you glued to the tube. Let’s follow the fun!

Nov. 9, WKMG-TV Local 6: Your children are in danger! And not just from sexual predators (though they’re everywhere, you know). This time the threat lurks in your child’s sock drawer, or wherever it is he/she keeps the Floam!

That’s right, Floam: an allegedly nontoxic, edible, gooey substance a company called SAS Group peddles to our youth, who apparently “play” with it. Local 6 Problem Solver Nancy Alvarez found a local mother who said that after her child played with Floam for a week, it got all fuzzy-looking and smelled bad (the Floam, not the kid). The kid wasn’t sick, but Alvarez took the Floam to a microbiologist to have it tested because it’s sweeps week. The microbiologist concluded that Floam isn’t harmful. But it could absorb … here it comes … MOLD SPORES! What TV reporter doesn’t like MOLD SPORES?

“And that could create a series of health problems,” Alvarez concluded; things like skin irritation and nail infections. Or maybe the little spores could lodge in your lungs. Who knows? We told you: dangerous!

Alvarez hit the Internet, where she found “several” similar complaints. The company told her that they had seen few complaints, so no recalls were in order. Smells like a coverup to us — a fuzzy, moldy coverup.

News flash: Max Linn didn't win the governor's race. We think we know why.

On Election Day, Linn e-mail—blasted supporters, saying he only needed 1 million votes to win. That's all it would take to put Linn, the Reform Party guy who gained traction by trying to out his "friend" Charlie Crist, in the governor's mansion. But the time stamp on the message was 8:44 p.m., almost two hours after the polls closed. Guess Linn really is a political outsider.

From the update desk: Orlando resident Thuong Nguyen "Cuc" Foshee was convicted of terrorism in Vietnam Nov. 10, along with two other Americans and four Vietnamese `"Free Cuc," Oct. 19`. Foshee was sentenced to 15 months in prison, with credit for time served. She's already been released and is on her way home.

According to prosecutors, Foshee and the others were trying to smuggle radio equipment into Vietnam to broadcast anti- communist propaganda. All seven are members of a group, Government of Free Vietnam, which the Vietnamese government considers a terrorist organization.


WHO: Truth Wins Out, Equality Florida and Human Rights Campaign

WHEN: Noon Saturday, Nov. 11, in front of the Renaissance Orlando Resort

SCENE: About 30 people showed up to protest the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality’s annual conference. Protesters donned duck gear and blew duck-call whistles to oppose the “quacks” within the NARTH organization, which believes that homosexuals are actually mentally ill heterosexuals. Passersby showed their support with a flurry of honking and waving throughout the event.

"It's so political about what is a terrorist," says Theresa Ende, Foshee's sister. "Even if she wanted to set up a radio station, that's free speech, not terrorism."

A foreign-trade agreement between the United States and Vietnam up for review this week, and it may have helped save Foshee from harsher punishment. Foshee was facing up to 12 years in prison or execution.

Clint Curtis may have lost his congressional race to GOP Rep. Tom Feeney by 16 percentage points Nov. 7, but he's not done yet. Curtis, who has accused Feeney of vote-rigging and even murder, is challenging the election results. Why? Because a Zogby poll a few weeks before the election showed Curtis only two points down. Therefore Feeney must be up to nefarious dealings once again. We'll keep you posted.

This week's report by Jeffrey C. Billman, Jonathan Cunningham, Amber Foster and Bob Whitby.

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