Going postal

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Don't get us wrong: Orlando Weekly loves propaganda as much as the next simpleton. But our friends at the U.S. Postal Service have shaved so many edges off their package, while compacting so much random stupidity into it, that the resulting ball approaches cosmically treacherous density. And it's designed to suck the light from the minds of children.

"The Celebrate the Century Education Series serves as an educational tool to teach children about the people and events that have shaped the 20th Century," says a fact sheet, which also brags that the series has the backing of the U.S. Department of Education and will be used in 225,000 classrooms. A timeline of the 1970s included in the package mentions such momentous historical milestones as the first Earth Day, the debut of "All in the Family," the Bicentennial, and the release of "Saturday Night Fever." Too trivial to mention: Vietnam war ends, Three Mile Island and, um, Nixon's resignation.

The curriculum is associated with Microsoft's Encarta online encyclopedia, which suggests there won't be much emphasis on anti-trust issues either. But, according to the Postal Service, "by allowing children to vote for their favorite stamp subjects, it teaches them the importance of being a responsible voter."

What's next -- the Postal Service partners with the NRA to teach kids gun safety? Lock & load!

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