Frozen iguanas are falling out of trees in Florida right now

Arguably no one is more stunned with the current Arctic blast gripping most of the country than Florida's reptiles, specifically the invasive iguanas.

The freezing temperatures result in what's called "cold-stunned" iguanas, which means they appear dead, but are typically still alive – like the iguana in the photo above, which Palm Beach Post columnist Frank Cerabino spotted by his pool this morning.

Iguanas like to roost in trees at night, so when the temperature drops, their bodies shut down and the cold-blooded reptiles often lose their grip and fall to the ground, or onto people's windshields.

Here in Orange County, you can also expect to see some mummified anoles, or "Florida lizards." 

The National Weather Service has officially issued a "frost advisory" for parts of South Florida and a "freeze warning" for Orange County, which just means more falling lizard popsicles are on the way.
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