Floridians twerk for deliverance from Trump traffic congestion on I-95

While most Floridians stewed in silent rage as they sat through a traffic jam on Interstate 95 caused by President Donald Trump's arrival to Mar-a-Lago, others found a more booty-popping outlet for their frustrations.

Sportswriter and author Jeff Pearlman was stuck in the I-95 congestion on the way to dinner in Palm Beach County Tuesday when he began tweeting about the standstill traffic he thought was caused by an accident. Eventually, two barefoot people got out of the vehicle in front of him and twerked for their lives right there on the highway. Perhaps most intriguing, one of the twerkers even combined the bounce with added push-ups, which is talented af.

"People keep getting out of the car dancing," Pearlman said in a Twitter video. "Which I’ve gotta say is pretty good entertainment considering how sucky this is."

Pearlman later said in a video he was stuck in traffic for 35 minutes as Trump made his way to his beachside resort for the Thanksgiving break.

"I am sitting in traffic because Donald Trump just landed at the airport," Pearlman said. "Unbelievable."

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