Florida Pokémon Go players save manatee caught in crab trap

A few Pokémon Go players looked up from the their screens long enough to save a manatee this week. 

The video shows Christopher Beksh, along with two Pokémon Go players, freeing a distressed manatee from crab trap lines at Safety Harbor pier, which, according to the Tampa Bay Times, is a "Pokémon paradise."

Though Beksha did free the sea cow, officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission say to never ever do this.

“It’s very easy when you’re around a manatee thrashing and rolling around, that rope like this can get around your foot or hand, and you’re not able to get it off in time, and the animal dives down in the water,” said FWC biologist Andy Garrett to Fox 61.

If you see a manatee in trouble contact the FWC at 1-888-404-3922.
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