Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' Utah fundraiser points toward presidential run

The hush-hush party might signal a DeSantis presidential campaign

click to enlarge Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' Utah fundraiser points toward presidential run
photo courtesy Governor's Press Office

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis really doesn't want people to know that he's holding a fundraiser in Utah later this month.

The secret party for GOP mega-donors was revealed by CNBC, who pointed out that the fundraiser would come the week of July 18. Donors and spokespeople alike were tight-lipped about the gathering.

“We just want to see more events done in the state supporting great candidates across the country,” Utah GOP Chairman Carson Jorgensen told the outlet, noting that the event is closed to the press.

Far-flung fundraisers seem to signal intent to move forward on a national stage. DeSantis has remained mum about the possibility of a run for president in 2024. However, his favorability among Republican voters has led presumed frontrunner Donald Trump to attack DeSantis multiple times.

Trump's dislike of DeSantis goes back farther than the rumors that he might compete for the Republican nomination in 2024. The Florida Gov. railed against efforts to mandate COVID-19 vaccination in the state. Trump sees the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine as one of his administration's greatest victories.

Prior to reports that Trump was looking to launch his presidential campaign in Tallahassee as a shot across DeSantis' bow, the former president all but called DeSantis a coward for refusing to share whether he'd received a vaccine booster shot. 
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